The glazed chocolate babkas have been big sellers since the Walnut Street Cafe opened this year in Cira Centre South. This month, pastry chef Melissa Weller has added a seasonal loaf to the bakery's regular offerings.

Weller, of New York, whose babkas and sticky buns have been praised in N.Y.C. media, created a cranberry orange variation for customers to add to their holiday tables. The babka is made with ricotta and cream cheese, which gives the cake a light, flaky crumb. Covered in a cinnamon-buttermilk glaze, the loaf contains bits of candied orange and bursts of tangy cranberries that add a light, vibrant touch.

The chocolate babkas are available year-round for $15. The cranberry orange loaves are available through Jan. 1. Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance, and can be done by calling 215-867-8067.

Cranberry orange babka, $18 at Walnut Street Cafe; 2929 Walnut St.;