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Animal lovers raise $8K to rescue abused pit bull

Josie, an abused pit bull who suffered multiple facial fractures, will undergo a sophisticated reconstructive surgery, thanks to rescuers and donors.

Josie the pit bull mix was abused, but should make a full recovery with reconstructive surgery
Josie the pit bull mix was abused, but should make a full recovery with reconstructive surgeryRead moreVeterinary Specialty & Emergency Center

Josie is one lucky dog, thanks to animal rescuers and generous donors.

The 6-month-old pit bull mix was found on a sidewalk Sunday, a victim of abuse that left her with more than 10 broken bones in her face. Word spread among animal rescuers after she was taken to the Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia, which manages the city's animal shelter facility in North Philadelphia.

On Thursday, she was undergoing reconstructive surgery at the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center, an animal hospital in Pennsport. She was transferred there and has received IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain medicine, not to mention X-rays and CT scans.

"She has multiple broken bones in her face, but with surgery, she should recover well," said Ron Ben-Amotz, the VSEC veterinarian who was performing the operation.

The reconstruction involves cutting, bending, and attaching a thin titanium plate to Josie's healthy bones. Her care will be paid for with funds raised by Noah's Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary, a nonprofit based in Uwchland, Chester County. So far, the project has collected more than $8,000 in donations.

"She is in good hands, but Josie is definitely not out of the woods!" the rescue project said in an online update.

No one knows how Josie came to be abused, but she should be largely mended in a few weeks — and likely eager for a good meal. Ben-Amotz said in a press release that the dog will have to wear a muzzle for two weeks to restrict her jaw movements so that a fracture there can heal. During that time, she'll be able to open her mouth only about an inch.

Candace Scheirer of Noah's Ark Rescue will be working to find an adoptive home for Josie. If you'd like to be considered for adoption, contact Scheirer through the group's Facebook page or website.