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Radnor teens treated after ingesting possible marijuana-laced brownie

The brownie will be tested by a lab.

Radnor High School
Radnor High SchoolRead morehandout

Radnor Township officials on Friday were investigating an incident involving possible marijuana-laced brownies given to high school students.

On Thursday night,  at least one teen was taken to Bryn Mawr Hospital for treatment and later released after she ate a brownie that may have contained marijuana, said Police Superintendent William Colarulo. There may have been as many as six high school students involved, he said.

On Friday, police were called when a girl at the high school "appeared to be under the influence of something," Colarulo said.

A phone message sent to parents on Friday by Radnor High School principal Dan Bechtold stated that the school identified a "limited number of students that knowingly ingested marijuana laced brownies at events held on school grounds" on Thursday night.

Police are continuing to investigate the case, which may have involved cheerleaders and at least one member of the football team, Colarulo said. No arrests have been made, he said.

The brownie will be tested by a lab to confirm if any drugs and what type of drugs it may contain, he said.

"Our number one concern is the safety of these kids," he said. "We are concerned about what they ingested."