Devon "Cream" Vogelsang, a member of the Pottstown gang Brothas from Anotha, pleaded guilty Tuesday to attempted first-degree murder and related offenses, prosecutors said.

Vogelsang, 24, was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison for his involvement in an armed face off with a rival gang member in November 2014 in Pottstown.

Since his arrest in 2015, Vogelsang's prolific face-tattoo collection has grown. It now includes a teardrop coming out of the corner of his mouth and what appears to be large cross spanning his forehead.

Vogelsang's arrest was part of "Operation War Ready," an intensive multi-jurisdictional investigation led by the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office into the Brothas from Anotha and Straight Cash Money gangs in Pottstown. Vogelsang was one of 47 people arrested during the operation.