The teen who organized a group bicycle ride of at least 100 people on the Vine Street Expressway on Sunday was arrested Thursday morning and charged with disorderly conduct, state police said Thursday.

The group, which state police said was "estimated to be in the hundreds," rode onto I-676 near 8th Street at around 2 p.m. Sunday, police said. The ride, which included bicyclists popping wheelies, was captured on social media.

State police in Philadelphia took the teen organizer into custody at around 9 a.m. Thursday. He was charged with misdemeanor and summary offenses.

Police declined to identify the teen because he was charged as a juvenile, but on Fox29's Good Day Philadelphia, a teen who said he was the organizer identified himself as 16-year-old Corey Murray. He told Fox29 he organized the ride as part of a birthday celebration.

Murray, a noted bicyclist featured in a Philadelphia Media Network story in December, is part of One Way, a group of young riders in Philadelphia.

Police have not announced charges against anyone else in connection with Sunday's bike ride.