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Gritty, the Flyers’ new mascot, has already inspired brews, boos and the news

A new Gritty-inspired brew has been created by a local brewery.

Nightmare Fuel, created by the folks at Broken Goblet Brewing, will debut Oct. 13.
Nightmare Fuel, created by the folks at Broken Goblet Brewing, will debut Oct. 13.Read moreBroken Goblet Brewing

Gritty has been a thing (and we're still not sure what kind of thing) only since Monday, when he debuted as the Flyers' new mascot. But in a few short days he's already inspired everything from unsettling GoFundMe campaigns to mascot rankings and poetic prose.

He was even behind a new discovery at the Penn Museum this week.

A stunning discovery in our collections shows the ancient origins of Gritty, the new Philadelphia Flyers mascot. (Just kidding!)

Posted by Penn Museum on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

And he inspired Stephen Colbert to create his own mascot for The Late Show: Trash Slob.

Now, Gritty has inspired something Philadelphians can really get behind: beer.

Broken Goblet Brewing of Bristol has created "NIGHTMARE FUEL," a lightly hopped cream ale with vanilla and "bruised and bloodied oranges" to commemorate Gritty's arrival on the world stage and on social media.

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We imagine the name was spelled in all caps because they've mixed the Gritty-induced screams of small children into the brew.

We just had to. Saturday, October 13th, we will be releasing NIGHTMARE FUEL, a lightly hopped Cream Ale brewed with…

Posted by Broken Goblet Brewing on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The beer — which features a bruised, semi-teethed monster that looks an awful lot like Gritty — will be released Oct. 13, according to Broken Goblet's Facebook page.

Before the name of the Gritty-inspired brew was officially announced, Broken Goblet asked its fans for suggestions on what it should call its new beer. Responses ranged from "Grit Faced" to "Gettin Gritty With It."

One fan even suggested naming it "No One Likes Him, We Don't Care!" a knock at Gritty's popularity (or lack thereof) and a nod to another of Broken Goblet's sports-inspired brews: "No One Likes Us, We Don't Care."

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While Gritty has his fair share of detractors, who would rather sip haterade than anything inspired by this orange, furry jawn, he's also developing a groundswell of support among fans who will undoubtedly raise a NIGHTMARE FUEL to his health.

So here's to you, Gritty. In a city that's inspired David Lynch and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in a city whose residents see greased poles as a challenge and New Year's Day as a reason to strut around town drunk with a tiny parasol, you managed to be the weirdest thing to happen this month.

So far.

And we'll drink to that.

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On a final note, Gritty has been making the rounds at local television and radio stations this week but has yet to stop in our newsroom. We believe he's afraid our investigative reporters will uncover his prior job with the PPA.

If you have nothing to hide, why are you avoiding us, Grit man?

We noted something interesting, though, in the below video, which was posted by WMMR's Preston & Steve Show. In it, Gritty lifts up his shirt and reveals that he's got an outie belly button.

So if the Flyers thought of everything down to Gritty's belly button, there's still one thing about him that doesn't pass the smell test for us: Where's his nose?