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Glenn Straub responds to ‘kiss-and-sue’ report: ‘They don’t even know about four more.’

In a bombshell report in the Palm Beach Post, the former Revel casino owner is accused of using the courts to avenge women who spurned his romantic interest.

Glenn Straub, former owner of the casino formerly known as Revel, speaks with reporters on Tuesday Sept. 20, 2016. The property has since reopened under new owners as the Ocean Resort Casino.
Glenn Straub, former owner of the casino formerly known as Revel, speaks with reporters on Tuesday Sept. 20, 2016. The property has since reopened under new owners as the Ocean Resort Casino.Read moreWayne Parry

Glenn Straub says his life is way more organized since he sold the former Revel and left Atlantic City and all the related drama behind.

Now, he says, his life is framed around tennis, work, more tennis, and a latest venture into Argentinian grapes.

But things in Straub's home base of Florida are heating up nonetheless. In a bombshell report in the Palm Beach Post  this week, two former girlfriends say Straub, 72, owner of the Palm Beach Polo Club, has turned to the courts to avenge their spurning of his romantic interest, and they cite three other women who court documents show have also been sued by Straub.

In a telephone interview Wednesday morning, Straub scoffed at the report, said he's trying to keep it out of the print paper, which he said he considered buying outright, and said, "They don't even know about four more."

The Palm Beach Post report names two women, Jessica Nicodemo, 34, and Lacy K. Bridges, 24, who, according to court documents, say Straub has filed "frivolous lawsuits against them as revenge for breaking off romantic relationships with him."

The Post reports that authorities have launched a criminal investigation into whether Straub physically threatened Nicodemo and directed his company, Palm Beach Polo, to file fraudulent liens against properties she owns.

Straub dismissed the report itself as frivolous.

"My dog bit the next door neighbor's dog, maybe you're going to put that in too," he said.

Joe Capozzi, the author of the Post report, said via e-mail that the story will run in print this Sunday, Nov. 25.

Straub said in the interview Wednesday that he filed suits against acquaintances, male and female, because he often lends people money or otherwise helps them in business after getting to know them socially. He said he was simply trying to recoup the loans.

"I'm a businessperson," he said, beginning one of the stream of consciousness answers that became familiar during the years he owned the closed Revel casino, which has since reopened under new owners as the Ocean Resort Casino. 

Straub showed his litigious side after he bought Revel for $82 million out of bankruptcy in 2015, challenging the right of the Casino Control Commission to even demand that he get a license to operate a casino. For a time, he powered the place with generator trucks parked outside.

The casino and adjacent power plant, which Straub eventually bought for $30 million, were sold to Denver developer Bruce Deifik in 2018 for $200 million. Revel, valued at $2 billion, first opened April 2, 2012, and closed Sept. 2, 2014, after two declarations of bankruptcy. It was one of four Atlantic City casinos to close that year.

"During my relationships, I go out every night. I've been a bachelor for 13 years. I love my life right now, it's perfect. I date different girls, when I see they need something in life, loans. I want them to pay it back."

He said people know that "Glenn Straub will lend you money."

The Palm Beach Post report contains numerous details gleaned from court filings, including an incident where Straub drove his Bentley through the closed gate of his country club after being asked for identification, and dozens of text messages in which Straub begs Nicodemo to live with him and threatens to put a lien on her house, "the first day you don't check in."

Nicodemo's attorney Elizabeth Parker told the Post, "It's stalking through the courts."

The Post describes a case against Ashley Maguire, Mrs. Florida 2008, accused by Straub's company of manipulating it to receive an advance of $41,000 in cash and clothing, and a payment of about $100,000 to go toward leasing a home at Palm Beach Polo and a "luxury car.

"But Maquire 'never commenced a single day of work,' " the report states.

A third relationship described in the report concerns Lacy Bridges, a woman Straub says he met at a Palm Beach sushi bar. His lawsuit accuses her of taking $7,000 in jewelry and clothing owned by the company.

Straub expressed surprise in the interview Wednesday that anyone in Philadelphia or Atlantic City would be interested in his current legal issues. He said life is good since he stopped flying back and forth to Atlantic City on Spirit Airlines.

But he said he's not done with Atlantic City yet. He said he owns 70 properties, 50 of them outright, and would still develop the old municipal airport Bader Field in a heartbeat, if given the chance.

He declined to talk about the details of a provision of his sale of Revel to Deifik that calls for him to collect $1.50 for every car parked at the resort starting in 2021, a fee that jumps to $4 per car in 2028, according to testimony before the Casino Control Commission.

Straub says those fees would benefit “my kids’s kids’ kids. It’s setting up for grandchildren. We’ll make money off the state of New Jersey for the next 99 years.”