Now this is Paddy's whacked.

Some jabronis in Chicago have decided to create an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia-inspired Paddy's pop-up bar in honor of the popular television show and "to embrace the glory of the Eagles' Super Bowl win," according to Mark Kwiatkowski, owner of the Replay Lincoln Park arcade bar, where the Philly-themed pop-up will be set up.

OK, that's not so whacked. It's actually quite flattering.

"It's crazy nobody in Philadelphia has done it yet," Kwiatkowski said.

Crazy indeed.

Replay holds its pop-culture-themed pop-up bars in a 2,500-square-foot room off of its main bar. Previous pop-ups include Moe's Tavern from The Simpsons and Blips and Chips, an arcade from Rick and Morty.

Replay Lincoln Park’s pop-up “Rick and Morty” bar.
Replay Lincoln Park
Replay Lincoln Park’s pop-up “Rick and Morty” bar.

"People have been bending my ear about It's Always Sunny, saying it would be a great one, and here we are," Kwiatkowski said. "And after your Eagles won the Super Bowl, it seemed like perfect timing."

The pop-up bar will open Friday and be open through March 18, unless interest is so high there is reason to continue it longer.

Among its features will be an inflatable raft and a "rum ham" hanging from the ceiling, a nod to the episode "The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore."

Featured drinks will include fight milk, riot punch (served in a 64-ounce milk jug), and the Chardee Mac Dennis IV bag: A double-vodka lemonade served in an IV bag you get to take home — because who else would want to use it? Special shots include the Greenman, the Dayman, and the Nightman, which are sure to foster friendship and karate between everyone.

Guests can also "make like Charlie and order a dealer's choice Wild Card!"

There will also be cheesesteaks, a Flipadelphia tournament, a Nightman Cometh musical review, and Philly-related Easter eggs around the bar, including framed photos of Dr. J and other Philly sports icons, Kwiatkowski said.

"We'll also put funnier photos of people sliding off light poles in frames around the bar," he said.

Fans celebrate by climbing the light pole at near Broad and Locust Streets after the Eagles won Super Bowl LII.
TOM GRALISH / Staff Photographer
Fans celebrate by climbing the light pole at near Broad and Locust Streets after the Eagles won Super Bowl LII.

Better stock up on the Crisco, too!

Kwiatkowski is also having a "giant Eagles helmet" custom made and will suspend it from the rafters.

"We have to embrace the glory of the Eagles winning," he said. "It was a great game. I was rooting for the Eagles. I usually root for the underdog."

If you're headed to Chicago, or already there, and you visit the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia pop-up, let us know what you think. And have a glass of fight milk for us.