Just days before the midterm election, one of Twitter's most well-known anti-Trump protesters led a group of demonstrators around Independence Mall while they wielded balloons depicting a cartoon version of the president as a baby.

Claude Taylor, a former low-level staff member in the Clinton White House, brought his Mad Dog PAC — along with a 12-foot inflatable "Trump rat" — to Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon for a "Trump baby balloon mini-march" meant to build opposition to the GOP, President Trump, and the National Rifle Association.

"We're here to make sure people know that Trump is on the ballot," Taylor said. "We're not aiming for subtlety."

As about three dozen marchers snaked around Independence Hall, the group chanted "Vote Tuesday!" while motorists honked and others on the sidewalk either snapped photos or grimaced and moved aside. There were no obvious counterprotesters present.

Joli Weber, an advertising professional from Lambertville, N.J., joined Sunday's protest as a means to "get people to vote," but first posed for a photo with Taylor, telling him she was "starstruck."

"I consider him to be the Gen. George Washington of the anti-Trumpers," she said as the group marched by a statue depicting the actual George Washington.

In addition to the marches, the Mad Dog PAC has funded massive "Impeach Trump" banners and provocative billboards attacking Republicans across the country who support the president's agenda.

Federal campaign finance data show the group, as of last month, had raised more than $830,000 since December 2017.