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» READ MORE: Second Philly casino is happening

It's a go.

SugarHouse Casino has dropped its years-long effort to block a second Philadelphia casino license, paving the way for Stadium Casino L.L.C. to build its Live! casino and hotel in South Philadelphia.

SugarHouse ended its fight against the second license after Gov. Wolf signed a bill passed by the legislature repealing the ownership limitation on casinos, which rendered objections to Stadium's license "moot," lawyers for SugarHouse said in their petition to the Supreme Court. Construction of the new casino will commence next year and it will open in 2020, David Cordish, CEO of Cordish Cos., told reporter Linda Loyd.

Cordish developed and operates Xfinity Live! in the stadium district.

» READ MORE: This is how Philly plans to take back its schools

Pitching local control of Philadelphia's schools as the linchpin to the city's future, Mayor Kenney on Thursday called for the School Reform Commission to disband itself in favor of a board whose members he will choose, reports Kristen Graham.

Seizing back governance of the schools will come with a hefty price tag. Kenney and City Council President Darrell L. Clarke said they would need to cover the Philadelphia School District's looming deficit — $103 million next school year, $1 billion over five years — though they declined to say exactly how.

"Again and again, we've told the people of Philadelphia that the state of their schools are someone else's responsibility," Kenney said. "That ends today."

» READ MORE: How did Penn State athletics thrive after the Jerry Sandusky scandal?

Six years after the Sandusky scandal, despite ongoing friction between administrators and alumni, despite continuing suspicion from beyond Happy Valley, Penn State sports have never been healthier.

The signature football team has rebounded and prospered. James Franklin's Nittany Lions have won 17 of their last 20 games. The financial engine of the athletics department, football made a $40 million profit in 2016 and attracted contributions of $39 million to the Nittany Lions Club.

So what happened? How, after being tainted by one of tawdriest episodes in collegiate sports history, did Penn State manage to win games, raise money and recruit quality athletes, in some cases better than before?

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