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Angelo Cataldi remains off WIP: 'I've had the 10 worst days of my life'

The iconic SportsRadio 94.1 host remains sidelined after emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder.

Longtime 94.1 WIP host Angelo Cataldi remains off the air after undergoing emergency gallbladder surgery last week.
Longtime 94.1 WIP host Angelo Cataldi remains off the air after undergoing emergency gallbladder surgery last week.Read moreALEJANDRO A. ALVAREZ / Staff Photographer

For the second straight week, SportsRadio 94.1 WIP host Angelo Cataldi wasn't around to interview Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, this time after the high-flying Eagles crushed the Broncos 51-23 at Lincoln Financial Field.

Cataldi, who has been off the air for more than a week after a emergency gallbladder surgery left him hospitalized, called into his WIP show Monday morning, only to be placed on hold while co-host Al Morganti spoke with a Cowboys fan.

"Al, I haven't suffered enough?" Cataldi joked. "I've had the 10 worst days of my life, I'm listening to my own show, and I'm hearing a Cowboys fan."

Cataldi also described the surgery he underwent at Virtua Hospital on Oct. 29, which has kept him off the air.

"What they said to me was when they took it out, it has gangrenous cells in it," Cataldi said. "It was really, really awful. They couldn't believe I didn't have any symptoms."

Cataldi, who is recovering at home, told his co-hosts he has two major medical appointments remaining, including the possibility of more surgery Monday afternoon. But if all goes well, he could be cleared to return to the station as soon as the end of this week.

"That's all right, take off the week," Morganti joked. "You could take off the week after, too."

Unfortunately, Cataldi missed the fun Philadelphia sports media had over old health blog posts written by new Phillies manager Gabe Kapler encouraging ballplayers to tan their testicles and offering advice on what Seinfeld once referred to as being the "master of your domain."

"You been tanning at all?" co-host Keith Jones asked.

"You know what, I'm not going to say anything until I get some coconut oil," Cataldi responded.

Cataldi's co-hosts haven't held back in poking fun at the longtime WIP host's misfortune. Last week, Morganti put Cataldi's gallbladder on the station's prize wheel, and comedian Joe Conklin joined the show to offer his best imitation of the host's hospital stay.

"Markelle's room is just down the hall, so I figured I'd stop by and wish you well," Conklin said in the voice of Sixers coach Brett Brown, joking about injured rookie Markelle Fultz.

Cataldi has said he's considering retiring from WIP when his contract expires at the end of the year. His departure would leave a massive hole for program director Spike Eskin to fill, as Cataldi remains a ratings powerhouse for the station.