At Seattle's CenturyLink Field, the crowd takes pride in causing false starts and general confusion. This is true in most stadiums, but it's especially true at CenturyLink, which was designed to funnel sound back to the field. It's a place where a "12th man" banner is raised before each game to commemorate — and stir up — fan participation.

Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham said Tuesday that Kansas City and Seattle are the two loudest places he has played.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz on Wednesday reiterated what offensive coordinator Frank Reich said Tuesday, about how last year's 26-15 loss at CenturyLink will help the Eagles know what to expect this time.

"It's a huge help. … It's definitely loud. It's quite the atmosphere. It's a fun place to play. Most guys have been there now, so that'll pay dividends in just our week of prep, knowing how much we need to emphasize hand signals and communicating things non-verbally," Wentz said.

Road teams usually go to a silent snap count, which tends to muddle the advantage blockers have at home of getting off the ball quickly.

"We feel really good with it. I personally always prefer playing at home and being able to use the cadence, but you can always use the silent cadence [at home] as a weapon as well," Wentz said. "We feel really confident with it. We've used it enough, with that road stretch early in the year where we feel good about it."

Wentz was also asked about NBA superstar LeBron James recently declaring Wentz to be his favorite current NFL player.

"It's pretty cool. I have a ton of respect for a guy like LeBron. When I was a kid, [I was] watching him tear up the league when he was a rookie. I love watching that guy play," Wentz said. "He's unbelievable, quite the talent. One of the most impressive athletes in the world."