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Colin Cowherd questions Doug Pederson's coaching ability to Mike Missanelli

Despite other FS1 hosts coming around on the Eagles, "The Herd" host Colin Cowherd isn't giving up his trolling way so easily.

97.5 The Fanatic host Mike Missanelli (left) couldn’t convince Colin Cowherd to stop trolling the Eagles during an appearance on “The Herd” on Thursday.
97.5 The Fanatic host Mike Missanelli (left) couldn’t convince Colin Cowherd to stop trolling the Eagles during an appearance on “The Herd” on Thursday.Read moreFS1

By now nearly every Eagles fan has heard FS1 host Colin Cowherd's rant that Philadelphia is "the dumbest sports city in America" and that Eagles fans are "dopey."

On Thursday, Cowherd kept up his Eagles trolling during a discussion with 97.5 The Fanatic host Mike Missanelli by questioning whether Super Bowl-bound head coach Doug Pederson should be given any credit for the Birds' success.

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"Are we absolutely sure Doug Pederson is a great coach, or could it be that Carson Wentz is filthy, Fletcher Cox is the best lineman in football and some of this is timing?" Cowherd asked Missanelli.

"There's always an excuse," Missanelli shot back, defending Pederson for the job he's done to get backup quarterback Nick Foles up to speed. "The coaching game plan on offense has been impeccable. They did exactly what they needed to do against Atlanta, which was … short passes. Now against the Vikings, they figured out they needed to go long early… and [Foles] had the game of his life."

Cowherd's bashing of Philadelphia and the city's fans was largely based around the idea that it had been shortsighted for hosts like Missanelli to run former Eagles head coach Andy Reid out of town.

"You saw how he coached in the playoffs. He's an inadequate playoff coach. He was 1-4 in NFC title games with a better team," Missanelli reminded Cowherd. "Believe it or not, the Eagles have managed to move on without the 'Grand Poobah' of NFL coaching in your mind."

Predictably, Cowherd quickly turned the discussion to the questionable behavior of a handful of Eagles fans, pointing out that, before Sunday's NFC championship game, a second person in as many weeks was arrested after allegedly punching a police horse outside Lincoln Financial Field.

Missanelli correctly noted that the Philadelphia isn't even in the top five in terms of the average number of fans arrested at each NFL game, according to a five-year study done by the Washington Post. In fact, Boston averaged more arrests per game over the past five years, with 4.7, than Philadelphia's 3.2.

"Philadelphia is regarded by the nation as the third class on the Titanic. Whenever every little thing happens, it's like, 'There's those poor, downtrodden scrubs from the third deck of the Titanic … acting up again,"' Missanelli said. "We're a hard core, blue collar but sophisticated city, and I think you owe the fans of Philadelphia an apology."

"If you can go a week without punching a horse, I'll retract my statement," Cowherd said.

Cowherd's continued trolling of the Eagles isn't the best look, considering fellow FS1 hosts Nick Wright, Skip Bayless and Jason Whitlock have all come around on the Eagles, albeit in varying degrees.

Cowherd's original rant was wrong on the facts in several instances, and his attack on Philadelphia fans left out a great deal of context. Reid was fired in 2012 after the Eagles finished with a 4-12 record, their worst since Ray Rhodes led the team to a 3-13 record in 1998. Reid went a combined 12-20 in his final two seasons in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, during Terry Francona's four-year tenure as Phillies manager, the team went 285-363, and never finished with more than 77 wins.

Cowherd also said that Eagles fans weren't "cerebral" enough to appreciate Chip Kelly.