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The Philly- and Boston-themed food, beer and more getting banned ahead of the Super Bowl

Craving a Boston cream donut or a Sam Adams? Think again, Philly. Here's what's banned in Philly and Boston before the Eagles take on the Patriots on Sunday.

Eagles fans tailgate before the NFC championship game at Lincoln Financial Field.
Eagles fans tailgate before the NFC championship game at Lincoln Financial Field.Read moreTIM TAI / Staff Photographer

Thinking of grabbing a Boston cream donut or picking up some Boston Market for dinner? You know better than that, Philly.

Super Bowl LII is just around the corner, which means New Englanders and Philadelphians will have to refrain from a number of indulgences until after the Eagles take on the Patriots Sunday.

From bakeries to parks, below is a list of Philly- and Boston-themed goodies that are now banned in each city until after the game.


Boston cream donuts

Dottie's Donuts, a vegan donut shop based in West Philly, is putting a stop to your Boston cream craving.

The shop has banned the New England-themed pastry, but it's added a "Creamed Boston" donut to fill the void. The dessert has a vanilla glaze as well as chopped pistachios and a matcha cream filling.

Dottie's is also selling greased-pole donuts, which pay homage to the Crisco-soaked poles on Broad Street that couldn't stop overly zealous Eagles fans from climbing them following the team's victory against the Minnesota Vikings.

Boston Market

Maybe not an outright ban, but a handful of Philly-area Boston Markets have tweaked their names to make sure area diners don't feel guilty about chowing down at the restaurant, Billy Penn reported Monday.

Boston Market's Frankford and Snyder Plaza stores are now dubbed "Philly Market."

"We at Boston Market fully support the passion, enthusiasm and hometown pride demonstrated by our team members in Philadelphia," a spokesperson told Billy Penn.

Sam Adams

Looks like Great American Pub in Conshohocken is banning Boston's famed Sam Adams brews. A Facebook post from the restaurant calls some of its Sam Adams drafts "contraband."

All the Boston beer

A picture tells a thousand words — just ask Center City's Misconduct Tavern.

"Just finished pouring all our Boston beer down the toilet," the tavern wrote on Facebook. In addition to Sam Adams, Misconduct also seems to be saying goodbye to beers from Harpoon's Brewery.

Just last week, Misconduct introduced its exclusive Sixers-themed beer from Conshohocken Brewing Co. called "All About the Benjamins" that can be used as an alternative to anything that comes from further up north.

Patriots flag

Collingswood Mayor Jim Maley is giving residents an ultimatum — you can fly a Patriots flag or have running water, but not both.

A Facebook post from the borough shows an "official" letter signed by Maley that reminds a neighbor of a new ordinance stating that anyone flying a flag showing a Colonial soldier or anyone resembling a Patriot will have his or her water shut off.

"We look forward to your removal of this eyesore from this wonderful neighborhood in the Borough," the letter reads. "Thank you for your cooperation with this Borough Ordinance."

Maley told that his neighbor has flown a Patriots flag for about three years.

"I hope that the flag comes down after Sunday night," Maley told the publication. "Go Eagles."


Philadelphia Cream Cheese

For now, Boston-based Montilio's Bakery is putting an end to its use of Philadelphia Cream Cheese in response to Dottie's Donuts' Boston cream ban.

Instead, the bakery is using a Wisconsin-based cream cheese.

Should someone tell Montilio's that Philadelphia Cream Cheese isn't made in Philadelphia after all?

"We figured, they're not supporting Boston cream down there, so we shouldn't be using anything from Philadelphia right now," owner George Montilio told the Boston Globe.

Evil Genius

Fenway's Craft Beer Cellar has stopped serving Philly-based Evil Genius Beer Company until after the big game.

"We're showing our pride in New England," owner Phil DiCarlo told the Globe.

Evil Genius' response? "BRIIIIIIIING IT!!!!"


The Esplanade Association, the nonprofit that oversees the Charles River Esplanade, has imposed a ban on all things Philly-related. That means none of the following are permitted along the stretch between the Museum of Science and the Boston University Bridge:

  1. Any Philadelphia sports apparel (Flyers, Phillies, 76ers, and Eagles included)

  2. Eagles

  3. Cheesesteaks

  4. Cracked copper bells

  5. Soft Pretzels

  6. Philadelphia Cream Cheese

  7. "Midnight Green"-colored anything

  8. Mummers

  9. Will Smith and Sylvester Stallone

  10. Crisco

"We realized that appearing in a Super Bowl for only the third time – and first time since losing to the Patriots in 2005 – was disorienting for Philadelphia fans and that clarity on acceptable items to bring in our park should be offered," said Michael Nichols, executive director of the Esplanade Association in a news release. "Given the Patriots are appearing in their record-extending 10th Super Bowl, we understand this information may not be needed by most park visitors."