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Looking back at 2018 (and way back)

Staff Photographer Tom Gralish blogs about his work

Independence Hall is reflected in the glass of the the Liberty Bell Center at night.
Independence Hall is reflected in the glass of the the Liberty Bell Center at night.Read moreTOM GRALISH / Staff Photographer

This is the time of the year when photographers, like most people, look back at the previous year. My photo of Independence Hall reflected in the glass of the Liberty Bell Center (taken after I covered the evening pre-opening of the world’s biggest Wawa a week ago) blends more than 250 years of Philadelphia history - and takes in all of my time in the city as well.

During my job interview at the Inquirer years ago, rather than stay at a corporate hotel the paper put me up in a room above a bar in the city’s historic district. Not wanting to miss my pickup in the morning, I got up early and wandered around the neighborhood. I only discovered later that I was only two blocks away from the Liberty Bell and didn’t know it.

Living and working in Philadelphia is almost like being in the promised land for a history nerd like me, and over the years I’ve walked past those two icons dozens of times. I’ve always found it reflective and peaceful - day and night - to walk in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers. (Both the bell and Independence Hall are part of the National Park Service, so they’re currently closed due to the government shutdown).

Some of my photos from the past year are among those presented in our review of 2018. From Super Bowl celebrations (that’s Yong Kim’s photo below) to the Starbucks protests, from the opioid epidemic to Election Day to the Cosby trial, me and my fellow photojournalists of the Inquirer and the Daily News captured the spirit of 2018 this year.

Our photos offer a glimpse into the lives and souls of others from around the Philadelphia region, from everyday moments to once-in-a-lifetime events and beyond. Follow the links to see pictures in the following categories:

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There is also a video of some of us talking about our favorite photos of the year: