Yo Melania, he did it — but why?

President Donald Trump on Wednesday tweeted a photo of his face edited onto the body of the Philly’s own Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa. The image, which appears to be based on promotional materials for 1982’s Rocky III, was presented to Trump’s 67 million followers without comment.

For those among us who are not Rocky aficionados, that film pits Balboa against Mr. T’s Clubber Lang, as well as Hulk Hogan as the bombastic Thunderlips. The film is the second in the Rocky franchise to be directed by star Sylvester Stallone, and features Stallone’s beloved character ultimately regaining the heavyweight championship belt after an initial loss to Lang earlier in the movie.

Trump tweeted out the image just before 11 a.m. on Wednesday morning, around the time when he was reportedly playing a round of golf at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, according to the New York Post. The tweet also arrived ahead of more impending impeachment inquiry hearings set to begin following the Thanksgiving holiday.

What may have caused Trump to decide to share the tweet is unclear, as it was presented without context. However, on Tuesday at a rally in Florida, Trump addressed a recent trip to Walter Reed Military Medical Center, saying that doctors marveled at his “gorgeous” chest.

“We’ve never seen a chest quite like it,” Trump said in an imitation of doctors at the center.

Twitter users, meanwhile, reacted emphatically to Trump’s Rocky image:

One of the most fitting, however, may have come from Philadelphian (and frequent collaborator of director Kevin Smith) Ralph Garman — even if he was referencing Rocky IV: