Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is airing his first TV ad on Thursday just five days before the Democratic primary — and the opening scene is a salvo at Mayor Jim Kenney and the Police Department.

“For decades, Philadelphia had a broken justice system,” a woman narrating the commercial says as aerial video shows police officers firing tear gas at people scrambling up the banks of I-676 last year. “DA Larry Krasner promised massive change, and he’s kept his promises.”

Krasner is spending at least $114,000 to air the ad on broadcast and cable television, according to the advertising tracking firm AdImpact. It marks a late entry onto the airwaves in a race that has seen far less ad spending than the 2017 primary.

The teargassing of peaceful demonstrators during sweeping racial justice protests became a national embarrassment for the city. Kenney later acknowledged allowing Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw to use tear gas. City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart in January said Kenney “did not exercise the leadership that was necessary,” as her office released an independent investigation about police tactics.

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As election day nears, Krasner is seen as the favorite to win reelection, but political watchers credit Democratic challenger Carlos Vega with making it a competitive race. The Democratic City Committee, in a rare snub for an incumbent, voted not to endorse in the race. Kenney, asked last month if he backs Krasner, said, “People should make up their own minds.”

Krasner and Vega faced off Wednesday during a WURD radio debate. Krasner, asked about holding police accountable for misconduct, suggested some officers may face criminal charges if they are found to have broken the law in cases where people were convicted but later exonerated. Krasner’s Conviction Integrity Unit has exonerated 20 people.

“If we see conduct that is so blatant it’s clear it rises to the level of criminal intent, I am interested in the possibility of doing that,” Krasner said. “I’m not going to comment on what might or might not be any open investigation.”

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Vega is backed by the Fraternal Order of Police, the local police union, which has given his campaign $25,200 and $113,000 to an independent group airing TV ads against Krasner. Vega pointed Wednesday to successful prosecutions he led against officers during his 35 years as a city prosecutor.

“I have to work with the police, and I’m going to be at odds with FOP many times because I have a vision,” Vega said, promising reforms that will impact policing. “I am not owned by the FOP.”

Both candidates said racism or racial bias plays a factor in homicide investigations, with crimes against white victims more likely to be solved than those with Black victims.

Vega has spent more than $336,000 mailing campaign literature to voters but has not yet funded any radio or television ads, which could help boost the first-time candidate’s name recognition. Krasner had previously spent $45,000 on radio ads.

See Krasner’s first ad below: