While Sixers fans are understandably focused on Ben Simmons, a few hours north of Philadelphia, David Letterman stole the show.

The former late night talk host crashed media day for the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclay’s Center, and appeared to thoroughly annoy superstar Kevin Durant with inane questions like, “Why do they call you KD?”

“Uh, my first name is Kevin with a ‘K.’ And my last name is Durant with a ‘D,’” Durant responded dryly.

Letterman, who said he was a reporter from the now defunct Basketball Digest, also asked for comment about whether the Nets would allow Durant to play for the crosstown Knicks on his nights off, and if he “giggles” every time he plays the New Orleans Pelicans.

“Yeah,” Durant responded with a smile.

“They let anyone in here,” Durant complained following Letterman’s questions. Several reporters and media outlets, including Sports Illustrated, were also initially duped by Letterman, apparently assuming he was a legitimate but terrible reporter.

It’s unclear why Letterman, who retired from late night in 2015, decided to crash the Nets’ media day. It could be an ode to longtime friend and fellow comedian Norm Macdonald, who died earlier this month after privately having cancer for nine years.

In 2011, Macdonald crashed a news conference of then Los Angeles Clippers rookie Blake Griffin, who was celebrating after being awarded the NBA’s Rookie of the Year award.

“Blake, it’s fun watching you this year,” Macdonald said. “I was wondering, there’s kind-of a curse with rookie of the year — no one’s ever repeated it.”

Griffin, who currently plays for the Nets, told reporters he saw Letterman in the crowd but didn’t recognize him, possibly due to his full retirement beard.

“I almost made a joke,” Griffin said. “I was like, ‘Well, he looks like David Letterman.”

Letterman was born and raised in Indianapolis, and is a lifelong Indiana Pacers fan. But he’s most passionate about auto racing, and has owned a share of Rahal Letterman Racing since 1997.

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