On the second day of the 76ers training camp, Joel Embiid was held out of the last segment of practice, which was by design and part of the team’s plan, a Sixers official said.

Embiid was slowed in the summer while recovering from tendinitis in his left knee that bothered him in the later part of the regular season and the playoffs/ He still drew raves from coach Brett Brown for his conditioning.

“I think it was excellent,” Brown said.

In resting him at the end, Brown added, “We do what we do with the load management stuff.”

Brown said he was impressed that Embiid kept up with what he said was a fast-paced practice. (The media only got to see the end of the workout when Embiid was resting.)

“When I am watching him get up and down the floor, he did it just fine, he wasn’t calling for a sub,” Brown said. “I thought his wind was excellent and to his credit, he has obviously done a lot of work to lose that amount of weight and come in, because we can all go on a diet.” Embiid said on Monday that had lost 25 pounds, but gained five pounds back of muscle.

“To apply your weight with your cardio, and have a base with wind, that is the holy grail and he did it," Brown said. “Obviously he did it because I don’t see anything else but his ability to get up and down the floor without calling for a sub."

Embiid was unavailable for comment after Wednesday’s practice. On Tuesday after practice, he said his knee was feeling fine.