Before the Sixers departed for Florida, several of the Sixers were determined to use NBA restart platform to make a stand against racism.

Once again, a Sixer made good on that vow before Thursday’s practice at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Fla., .

For the second time in four days, a player during his Zoom press conference answered just one question, then used the platform to discuss the Breonna Taylor case.

Sixers forward Mike Scott talked about the same length of time that teammate Tobias Harris did on Monday. That was when Harris only answered one question, while changing the topic to the Breonna Taylor case. The message by Scott was the same.

Scott, who turned 32 on July 16, was asked about so many of the recent birthdays by Sixers players. The Sixers have six players on the current roster who were born in July.

“I appreciate the birthdays and you know, we definitely have a lot of birthdays, but I just want to continue to reiterate that you know, (Kentucky attorney general) Daniel Cameron, we’re still waiting, we don’t know what’s taking so long, we still want justice for Breonna Taylor’s murder,” Scott said. “I just don’t know what is taking so long. You got these folks on Instagram at the beach living it up. Like no. Hell no!”

Scott then concluded by saying, “We still want justice for Breonna Taylor ... and that’s it, that’s going to be my answer. Every time you guys interview me, ... I appreciate everyone here that are doing their jobs. It is probably not the answer you all want, but every day I am going to keep saying we want justice, and I just don’t know why it is taking so long so thank you and I appreciate you guys. Thank you.”

With that he got up and went to practice.

Like Harris, Scott is among the most cooperative people with the media.

Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman, was fatally shot by police conducting a no-knock warrant at her home on March 13. The warrant was part of a narcotics investigation in connection with a suspect who didn’t live there. No drugs were found.

One officer, Brett Hankison has been fired, and according to the New York Times, the other officers (Jon Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove) involved in the case have been placed on administrative leave. None have of the officers have faced criminal charges.

After Harris had spoke on Monday, coach Brett Brown lauded him for being front and center on social issues the next day.

Brown also said the Sixers plan to take action to heighten awareness of social issues while in Florida during the NBA’s restart. The Sixers coach spoke to the media before Scott.

The Sixers have the first of three scrimmages on Friday, facing the Memphis Grizzlies and open their eight regular season “seed” schedule Aug. 1 against the Indiana Pacers.

Like Harris, Scott has been front and center on social issues and also is deeply committed to helping the community.

Harris and Scott are players who feel strongly about giving back to the community, but also lending their voice on social issues.

They have now used their forum to bring attention to a cause they care deeply about.