The NBA sent a memo on Sunday to its 22 teams in the bubble at the Wide World of Sports Complex in Kissimmee, Fla., reminding them of the importance of carrying out COVID-19 safety protocols, with an emphasis on wearing masks.

In the memo, obtained by The Inquirer, failure or refusal to comply with the protocols could result in a warning, fine, suspension, and/or removal from the campus. Repeat offenders may be subject to enhanced discipline, the memo said.

First reported by the New York Times, the memo reemphasized the importance of following protocols using masks and face coverings. It outlined the times that not wearing a mask was allowable, such as when eating and drinking.

The memo also emphasized two major points — that eating and drinking while walking through the campus is prohibited, as is using masks with respirator valves.

NBA teams were asked to distribute the memo to players and team staff and to also hold a team meeting to emphasize the importance of adhering to the protocols.

The NBA has enjoyed great success with its safety protocols. None of the 344 players who were tested for COVID-19 on the campus since test results were last announced on July 20 have had confirmed positive tests.

NBA teams have been on campus since the second week of July. After each team had three scrimmages, they are now playing eight seeding games. The Sixers lost their first seeding game, 127-121, on Saturday against the Indiana Pacers and return to action Monday night against the San Antonio Spurs