Damian Lillard transformed into Hulk mode Tuesday night. Skip Bayless, Paul George, and Patrick Beverley made Lillard angry, and the Mavs didn’t like him when he was angry.

It was already a special night, but Lillard’s long fourth-quarter three (from his hotel room) solidified his performance. The ball bounced off the back rim, went in the air above the basketball goal, and fell right back down through the bottom of the net.

Lillard’s 61-point game against the Mavs made him the first Trail Blazer to record back-to-back 50-point games in the franchise’s history. It was also his third 60-point game of the season. He joined Wilt Chamberlain as the only two players in NBA history to achieve that feat.

Some players feed off of naysayers, and others ignore them. Lillard is one of the guys who uses the comments to charge up his watch for the clutch moments known as “Dame Time.”

Carmelo Anthony was there to make the clutch baskets, but Lillard didn’t have much help. An injured CJ McCollum struggled and Jusuf Nurkic fouled out after scoring six points. Outside of Anthony and Lillard, no Blazer topped 11 points.

Lillard wants his respect. That’s what he’s fighting for, along with a playoff spot. After his 61-point performance, there weren’t many negative critics speaking on Lillard’s name. Bayless even complimented him.

Saying good things to Lillard may be the only way to slow him down. He’s on a mission.

Deion Sanders leaves NFL Network and lands new gig at Barstool Sports

Deion Sanders has been a fixture on the NFL Network, but “Primetime” is taking his talents elsewhere. Sanders has left NFLN after 14 years and will join Barstool Sports.

“I love to speak my mind and now baby, I have the platform to do it,” Sanders said in a video posted to Twitter. “Controversy ain’t ever scared me. Podcasts are the future, and I’m so excited about this opportunity.”

At Barstool, Sanders will host his “21st and Prime” podcast, where he’ll continue to talk football but also dive into other sports topics as well.

Primetime has always been about his money. He jokingly said at the 1989 draft that if the Detroit Lions had drafted him, he would’ve asked for so much money, that they would’ve had to put him on layaway. So it comes as little surprise that Sanders reportedly declined a pay cut at NFLN after his contract expired, according to the New York Post.

The figures of Sanders’ deal with Barstool haven’t been released.

Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn reveals he had COVID

The NFL’s “Hard Knocks: Los Angeles” debuted Tuesday night. This season will highlight both Los Angeles teams, the Rams and Chargers.

In the first episode, Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said he had previously tested positive for COVID-19.

“I can’t promise you that you aren’t going to get infected ... I got infected.” Lynn said to the team in a Zoom meeting.

Later in the episode, Lynn detailed his experience.

“I was coughing, my body started to ache a little bit and I couldn’t get comfortable in my bed. I woke up that morning and I’m watching golf ... the guy that was winning pulled out and he said his body was aching, he’s sorer than normal. He got tested and he was positive. I said [expletive], my body kind of felt like that.”

Lynn said if he hadn’t been watching that golf event, he wouldn’t have gotten tested. The head coach later said that he feels like he’s getting back to himself now.

Lynn, 51, was the third NFL head coach to publicly speak about getting COVID-19. Sean Payton and Eagles head coach Doug Pederson also tested positive.

Giannis headbutt could lead to a suspension

The Bucks don’t have much to play for in the “seeding games.” At this point, the team is just breaking a sweat and staying in shape for the playoff run.

The sense of urgency changed in Milwaukee after Giannis Antetokounmpo headbutted Wizards center Moe Wagner. He was immediately ejected.

Milwaukee has one seeding game left Thursday against the Grizzlies. The most recent comparable incident was when Kevin Garnett headbutted Dwight Howard in 2015. Garnett was suspended one game.

A playoff series with the Magic doesn’t sound too frightening for the Bucks if Antetokounmpo is suspended multiple games, but not many things have been normal in the bubble. The Phoenix Suns are 7-0 after barely qualifying for the seeding games. The Nets’ makeshift roster is 5-2. Anything can happen.

From the Bucks’ perspective, Antetokounmpo was the target of several cheap shots throughout the game. Those moments led to his reaction more so than being angry with Wagner. The NBA will look into the dirty play and if there’s a solid case, Milwaukee shouldn’t be without its star for any playoff games.