Doug Pederson’s message to his team this week was short and sweet.

No margin for error. Backs to the wall. Play with desperation because they are indeed desperate.

“The main message is, we’re in a must-win situation," the Eagles coach said. “We know that. For me, I’ve got to stay the course. I’ve got to stay transparent. I’ve got to stay as honest as I can with the team."

The Eagles have lost three games in a row for the first time since 2016, Pederson’s first season as head coach. They are 5-7 and still in the playoff hunt thanks only to the ineptness of the Dallas Cowboys. They can roll over and play dead Monday night against the 2-10 Giants, or they can play like their season hangs in the balance, which it does.

Pederson said the responsibility for saving the season is as much on him and his coaching staff as it is on the players.

“We’re responsible for how our players play," he said. “And that starts with me. So I hold my coaches accountable first, and then it goes down to the players."

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Pederson said any suggestions that he has lost the locker room are off base.

“Everybody is on board," he said. “Everybody is on the same page. That’s the thing I appreciate about these guys."