Remember commuting?

The days of being stuck in snaking lines of traffic along the Schuylkill Expressway or catching up on emails if lucky enough to find a seat on Regional Rail? Those are but distant memories for many in the Philadelphia region after the COVID-19 pandemic kicked the trend toward telecommuting into hyperspeed.

The work-from-home life isn’t going anywhere. Those fortunate enough to be able to do their jobs remotely will continue to do so to keep from spreading COVID-19.

But even before the pandemic, there was talk of the wasted human potential spent on getting back and forth to the office. And there’s thought that companies will continue telecommuting policies into the distant future, realizing they don’t need costly office spaces.

So what’s this year without a commute looked like for you? Whether you were a supercommuter or one of the many with 30-minute to hourlong travel times, have you taken advantage of the time you’ve gained or find yourself working even more?

Tell us about your experience in the Google form below, or send an email to We may summarize your responses, without using your name, when reporting on trends we find. Additionally, we may reach out for an interview.