Soon leaving the station: 30th Street's iconic flipboard.

Plans are in place for Amtrak to remove the Solari board, installed more than 30 years ago, and replace its soothing clicking sound with a digital sign sometime in January.

The impending change comes as part of an upgrade for announcements throughout 30th Street that’s expected to begin next month, David Handera, an Amtrak vice president in charge of stations and properties, told the Inquirer and Daily News.

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While hard to swallow for some, its departure was inevitable. As part of a dying breed, the Solari board’s parts were becoming harder to replace and its repairs were taking longer.

Already nostalgic? Wipe away those tears. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission is on track to receive the board by January or February. It’s expected to be installed for public view as part of a permanent exhibit, though museum spokesman Howard Pollman said he didn’t know specifics.

Whether the board was there to alert you of your homeward bound train for the holidays or just a soothing sound as you waited to go on a business trip, it’s likely contributed to your travel experience. Here’s a look back at the the 30th Street Station flipboard and how the transit center would alert its passengers of updates before its installment: