The way things have been going this year, the weather on the morning of Thanksgiving Day should fit right in — gloomy, rainy, with a near 0% chance of sun.

But while conditions later in the day might not be ideal for dining al fresco, the rains are expected to back off in the late afternoon, and temperatures in the 60s should be favorable for a pre-dinner appetizer walk.

“Obviously, it could be worse,” said Tom Kines, a meteorologist with AccuWeather Inc. It has been: In 1989, over 4 inches of snow covered the entire region on a bitingly cold Thanksgiving morning.

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The Thanksgiving rains should yield to an otherwise splendid run of weather.

Friday will be ideal for in-person or virtual shopping, with sun and a high near 60 and more of the same through the weekend.

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A storm migrating out of the Gulf likely will affect the region early in the workweek, Kines said, and might even throw back some snow to the interior Northeast as it pulls away.

That won’t happen around here, however, he said, and probably not any time in the near future.