Tom Avril writes about scientific research in the Philly region, with an emphasis on findings that can impact everyday lives.

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The Vine Street bridge took a hit from a 100-ton barge, but is deemed OK

PennDOT officials hope to open the expressway ramp Thursday.

CDC predicts outbreak this month of rare childhood paralysis linked to polio-like virus

In the last such outbreak in 2018, one-third of patients were not hospitalized until at least two days after the onset of limb weakness.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says COVID-19 surges are ‘not inevitable,’ and talks of vaccine progress and baseball

"Stay away from places like bars where people congregate," Fauci said, also noting that he's "very pleased to see that the president is wearing a mask more now."

The next coronavirus may already be circulating in bats, study suggests

A Penn State biologist led the study, which suggests the current coronavirus has been circulating in "horseshoe" bats for decades.

Philly working to minimize spread after Marlins outbreak; new cases trending up in Pa.; young people urged to take caution when socializing

The positive COVID-19 tests for Marlins players and coaches have prompted the team to stay in Philadelphia and the Phillies' Monday game against the Yankees to be postponed.

Should baseball switch to an NBA-style ‘bubble?’ Physicians talk COVID-19 and pro sports.

Proceeding with baseball, football, and other pro sports will mean balancing risks and taking extra precautions.

The science behind baseball’s home run surge

When scientists crunched the data behind last year’s home run explosion, the single biggest factor they identified was a weird one. We explain.

There have been more coronavirus infections in Philly than we think, but new study muddies the picture

Scientists not involved with the study said the results did not represent the population.

How many have really been infected with coronavirus? I pricked my finger to help find out.

NIH researchers are looking for antibodies to the virus in the blood of more than 10,000 volunteers.

COVID-19 patients can be overwhelmed with inflammation. Doctors are learning to calm that ‘storm.’

Cherry Hill resident Brett Breslow was given anti-inflammatory drugs at Cooper University Hospital, where he was on a ventilator for 19 days.