Tom Avril writes about scientific research in the Philly region, with an emphasis on findings that can impact everyday lives.

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COVID-19 risk on airplanes is low if these precautions are taken, Harvard study says

Filters, masks, and cleaning of high-touch surfaces all reduce the risk below that in a grocery store, the authors said.

St. Joe’s Prep suspends in-person classes after outbreak; Macy’s cancels light show; Army-Navy game skips the Linc

Instead, the game will be played at West Point, marking the first time the rivalry game will be played at a home site since World War II.

Temple study helps predict which COVID-19 patients develop dangerous ‘cytokine storm’

Researchers identified a handful of blood-test results that predicted which COVID patients were likely to suffer severe inflammation.

Make this DIY air filter to (possibly) reduce your indoor exposure to coronavirus

All you need is a window fan, some duct tape, and five of those pleated, cardboard-framed filters that are designed for home forced-air heating systems.

Anthony Fauci talks with Jefferson doctors about coronavirus vaccines, herd immunity, and how long we’ll need masks

Speaking to Jefferson’s faculty, staff, and students, Fauci gave a crash course on the biology of the coronavirus and the latest medical advice on how to tackle it.

Monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19 are a hot topic, but are the pricey drugs worth it?

A review board called for pausing Eli Lilly's antibody trial, citing a possible safety concern. President Donald Trump got a different drug.

Don’t know any COVID-19 patients who’ve died or been in the hospital? That may explain a lot.

People are bad at evaluating risk when numbers are involved. A personal connection may tip the scales.

Not sure how sick Trump is with COVID-19? Pa. doctors are puzzled, too.

“It’s really hard to say what’s going on,” said John Mellors, chair of infectious diseases for UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh.

From community college to COVID-19 research, he followed a nontraditional path to fighting the virus

At Philadelphia's Wistar Institute, Yaya Dia is part of a vast effort to study one of the potential COVID vaccines.

Philly increases indoor dining capacity; Cape May tourism down 42%; Phillies expected to lay off staffers due to steep losses

Indoor seating at restaurants will be limited to four people per table, Health Commissioner Thomas Farley announced Tuesday.