I write about scientific research in the Philly region, with an emphasis on findings that can impact our everyday lives.

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10-year-old’s cholesterol was over 800. Can CRISPR fix the problem?

Verve Therapeutics is considering a half-dozen candidate genes that could be edited with the CRISPR technique in order to sharply reduce a patient’s levels of cholesterol or triglycerides.

2,000 fewer people died of heart disease each year in states that expanded Medicaid, Penn study finds

The study authors estimated that 2,000 fewer people were dying of heart disease each year in the 29 states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Franklin Institute’s Tech Studio gives visitors a hands-on taste of engineering

Activities at the museum's Tech Studio include building robots that sense their surroundings.

The Navy tracks UFO sightings. Scientists explain what’s really going on.

Psychologists and specialists in aviation medicine say there are plenty of reasonable explanations for such sightings other than extraterrestrial beings.

Alicia Vitarelli back at 6ABC after two-month leave, shares details of medical mystery

The newscaster is back on the job this month after a medical leave.

Hepatitis A outbreak declared in Pennsylvania, with Philadelphia among hardest hit areas

The declaration makes the state eligible for funds to purchase more doses of a vaccine.

Which are the safest hospitals in the Philadelphia area? New letter grades offer some clues.

For hospitals in the Philadelphia area, the most common Leapfrog grade was "B."

What would it take to beat the latest ‘Jeopardy!’ whiz? Experts weigh in.

Psychologists explain the science behind Holzhauer’s speedy information recall.

John Singleton had ‘leg problems’ on a long flight before his stroke. That was a red flag.

Physicians say the filmmaker's stroke may have been the result of a condition called deep vein thrombosis.

Upper Darby athletic trainer suffers fatal heart attack during Broad Street Run

It was at least the third death in the race's 40-year history.