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Blame climate change — and maybe rats — if this Jersey shorebird goes extinct

The saltmarsh sparrow could be gone in less than 20 years.

With free ‘Science in the Summer’ program, GlaxoSmithKline and the Franklin Institute hope to inspire young scientists

This year, student scientists learn about DNA, digestion, and fingerprints at their local libraries.

Philadelphia has a mysterious critter found nowhere else. Meet the volunteers tracking it.

Built like inch-long tarantulas and painted in earth tones, the spider seems like something one might find in a documentary, not along Cobb’s Creek in West Philly.

Earthlings living on Mars? It’s ‘a possibility in our lifetime,’ scientists discover.

This lightweight material could make science fiction into science fact.

Need a boost of creativity? Play Minecraft, researchers find.

Need to think of new ideas? Try playing Minecraft.

Online discrimination linked to real-life hate crimes

What happens on the Internet doesn’t stay there.

The amazing spider science of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

He does whatever a spider can--and it turns out, spiders can do quite a lot.

‘Zombie’ cicadas, under the influence of a fungus, are mating until death

Sex, drugs, and screaming bugs: for cicadas, zombies are real.

Inspired by snails, Penn researchers invent a reversible adhesive strong enough to hold a person

Regular superglue is permanent and unforgiving. But this one has an Undo button.

Spiders are eating things that are bigger than they are, but they're not up to humans yet

No need to travel to Australia or the Amazon to see a giant spider eating something five times its own size—some of these impressive hunters are locals. Visit Roxborough-Manayunk and you might just see a fishing spider earning its namesake.