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The night a new doctor realized the difference between the expected and the possible l Opinion

Our patient needed major surgery in just a few hours. By his actions that evening, my chief resident taught me something which has fundamentally changed the way I approach my job.

He’s a busy resident physician, but always makes time to write. Here’s why.

Most people in medicine do not view the kind of writing I do as consistent with science. It’s inexact and often emotional, contrary to the rigorous, quantitative, scientific method behind medical journal reports.

What my patients are teaching me about perspective and progress

My patient had just woken up after his open-heart surgery. Everything had gone well. However, his first words to me were to describe how terrible he felt.

In surgical recovery — or any tough task — the key is to keep moving, cardiac resident learns

I watch my patients get out of bed after a major procedure, and realize that I can tackle my challenges, too.

How cold pizza and weak coffee helped a new doctor see patients — and his own advice — in a new light

We all have reasons for failing to prioritize long-term health goals over short term needs. That includes the doctors who dispense that long-term advice, writes a Penn resident.