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Don’t let the politicization of COVID-19 scare you away from getting help | Expert Opinion

We need to overcome not only the virus itself, but also its sway on our behavior and emotions.

As a medical student, he felt powerless. Now, Philly resident has learned to help others. | Expert Opinion

I promised myself that when I became a resident, I would remember to be different. But fast forward a few years later, I could never find the “right” time to do the things I vowed to do.

Philly doctor shares lessons his grandmother taught him during the pandemic | Opinion

While caring for cognitively impaired COVID-19 patients, a Philly resident is reminded of his grandmother, who suffers from dementia, and wonders if he could have done more to fix their relationship.

What one resident has learned from listening to patients’ stories | Expert Opinion

We have to wonder, why did the patient ask this question? Why did they say no to this medication or intervention?Then if we are lucky, a story may emerge.

The unsung heroes who make this doctor’s work possible l Expert Opinion

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed all kinds of unsung heroes who were never properly noticed until they were sidelined.

For this Philly doctor, relationships with patients help avoid burnout | Expert Opinion

Burnout affects nearly a third of all physicians and places immense strain on a workforce that is already facing a shortage.

Philly doctor: I wear my mask everywhere because it’s ‘the right thing to do’ | Expert Opinion

Even though the pandemic has erased the distinction between the importance of wearing a mask inside and outside of the OR, the feedback we receive is often mixed. Some people stare disapprovingly, but most simply pass by without engaging.


I’m a surgeon in training — and happy to give a patient a neck rub l Expert Opinion

Even before my role as a surgeon-in-training, I have a more fundamental role to play in the hospital and in society: just another human being.


For COVID-19 patient, a trip across the hospital is an epic journey with no room for error l Expert Opinion

Our procession moved slowly and steadily, pushing the heavy ICU bed like the current carrying an iceberg.


Coronavirus complacency feels frighteningly familiar to this Philly surgeon l Expert Opinion

All surgical residents learn throughout training that some of our biggest mistakes take place as soon as we let our guard down. Could we be too eager get out of COVID restrictions?