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Inquirer photographers challenged to accurately document the rise and spread of the coronavirus

Inquirer photographers have documented the coronavirus since early February. See how the images they've captured and hear the stories behind them.

The Coronavirus in Philadelphia

The coronavirus has disrupted the everyday lives of people living in the Philadelphia area.


Looking back at pictures one month after Philly 's first Coronavirus case

Inquirer photographers coverage of the coronavirus began in early February


How the Philly region is coping with the spread of coronavirus

See images of how the coronavirus is impacting the region.


See how Philly’s iconic sites have changed since the spread of the coronavirus

Inquirer photographers explore iconic areas of Philly to illustrate changes brought on by stay-at-home orders.

Philadelphia before and during the coronavirus response

The stay at home orders have fundamentally altered live in Philadelphia. Inquirer Staff Photographers explore iconic areas of the city to illustrate the changes

Philadelphia residents continue to cope with the coronavirus

Residents of the Philadelphia area and beyond continue to cope with the spread of the coronavirus


Inquirer photographer explores a history paved over in Philadelphia

Inquirer staff photographer Charles Fox explores the erasure of history with a visit to a Native American site in Philly that's been paved over.


This is what it looks like in Philly following ‘stay-at-home’ orders, as coronavirus makes its way through the region

Here are images documenting the ongoing spread of the coronavirus and its impact on the region.