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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys — NFL, Week 7

The Philadelphia Eagle play the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas, on Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019.

The redesigned Philly Barrymore Award

The redesigned Philly Barrymore Award

Philly's Barrymore Award has been redesigned.

Making Di Bruno's black lava cashews

When a small snack company in Northeast Philadelphia closed its doors at the end of last year, the owners of Di Bruno Bros. found themselves up against a tough deadline. For almost a decade, Society Hill Snacks had been manufacturing one of Di Bruno’s best-selling products: black lava cashews.


The American Shad faces climate challenges, but fishermen still make runs on the Delaware River

The American shad still faces challenges in a warming climate. But those at Lewis Fishery were still able to make some net runs on the Delaware River.

Eagles v. Titans

The Eagles kicked off its preseason with a game against the Titans.

Eagles looking healthy on the first day of training camp

The Eagles held their first practice of this season's training camp in Philadelphia on Thursday, July 25.

Dinosaur on the move in Philadelphia

40-foot-long animatronic Spinosaurus traveled through Philadelphia from the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and through Center City and to the Academy of Sciences of Drexel University. The dinosaur is part of a new exhibit at the academy

Famed graffiti artist Cornbread visits Graffiti Pier

Famed graffiti artist Cornbread visits Graffiti Pier as Conrail the owner of the pier contemplates a public park at the iconic location

The UpShot: Want to dance on water? You’ll have to practice

The Trisha Brown Dance Company will perform in unexpected places in September - including the Discovery Center's reservoir.

Pizzeria Beddia’s new home in Fishtown: Same pizza, same big crowds

The city's most hyper-hyped pizzeria opens a larger location a few blocks from its original location.