Edith Newhall

Edith Newhall has been reviewing gallery exhibitions for The Inquirer since April 2005. She is a former staff writer for New York Magazine, where she covered the New York art world in features, exhibition reviews and interviews with artists.

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This unsung genius of 20th century art has two Philly shows going on at the same time

Ed Emshwiller is a big-name attraction on Philadelphia's art gallery scene right now. Two more must-sees this month: the first in a series of guest-curated shows at Moore and a big craft-art exhibit in Frankford that is worth the effort of booking a visit.

Three shows you’ll want to see in Philly art galleries this month

Clay Studio artists dust off some pieces on storage at the Philadelphia Art Museum. Penn brings in a Spanish sculptor. And a historic Bucks County barn displays contemporary art that's worth the drive.

Homegrown painter Louise Fishman gets a victory lap in Philadelphia

Take your daughter to Philly’s art museums, and this is how it could turn out.

These are the fall shows you’ll want to check out on Philly’s art gallery scene

From huge abstract paintings at Locks Gallery to found-object rugs at Magic Gardens, it's a stunning season for visual art. One highlight: an overdue retrospective for Ed Emshwiller, who illustrated the covers for sci-fi books.

Artist Julian Hoeber is what you get when you raise a dreamy Philly kid in a Frank Furness house. See his work at UArts now.

Two more must-sees in Philly galleries this month: Saleem Ahmed's photos at the Print Center and works by Adam Lovitz at Tiger Strikes Asteroid.

These other Duchamp siblings are something to see at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Two other gallery shows of note this month: Edward McHugh at Works on Paper and a requiem for Philly real estate at Brooke Lanier Fine Art.

It worked in Paris for Manet and Cézanne. Now Philly has its own Salon des Refusés.

A standout show at Vox Populi and a husband-and-wife exhibition at Wexler Gallery are two more of this month's must-sees.

Spencer Finch, a brand-new Philly gallery, and more must-sees on the art scene this month

A "Whitman at 200" exhibition in Camden is another big show this summer.

Hubble Space Telescope photos at Haverford College and more must-see gallery shows

The spectacular art-glass biennial in Millville, N.J., calls for a field trip.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is 10 years old, with a four-city group show to celebrate

Also in Philadelphia art galleries this month: The city's first solo show by international abstract painter Ruth Ann Fredenthal.