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Which gyms require vaccines in Philly?

City Fitness, Soul Cycle, and Fitness Works are just some of the gyms requiring members to get vaccinated to use their facilities.

City Fitness will require members to show proof of vaccination to use the facility moving forward, in line with Philadelphia's latest indoor mask mandates.
City Fitness will require members to show proof of vaccination to use the facility moving forward, in line with Philadelphia's latest indoor mask mandates.Read moreHEATHER KHALIFA / Staff Photographer

On Wednesday, Philadelphia officials announced that residents must wear masks indoors again, unless a business requires proof of vaccination for all patrons upon entry.

The announcement, which came amid rising coronavirus cases and gave businesses about 12 hours to adjust, was met with equal amounts of relief and frustration from business owners and residents.

Fitness centers and gyms, many of which struggled to retain business during the COVID-19 shutdowns last year, had to quickly reevaluate their policies: Do we require vaccines or masks? And how will we enforce it?

Some gyms quickly shifted to a vaccinated-members-only approach, understanding frustrations with and the discomfort of wearing a mask while working out.

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“With the majority of our community and staff vaccinated and preferring to not wear masks, we have made the decision to require proof of vaccination to everyone who wants to come into the studio,” Thrive Pilates & Yoga wrote in an email to members.

But it’s more complicated for large corporate chains, like Planet Fitness or Philadelphia Sports Club, or family centers like the YMCA, which offers camps and pools for young children who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated.

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“As COVID-19 is constantly evolving, it is time to shift and adjust, once again, as a community to accommodate new guidelines,” Solidcore, which has dozens of workout facilities across the country, wrote to its Philadelphia members. It will require all guests to wear masks.

“Working out in a mask can be challenging — but we encourage you to stay strong and stay part of the community,” Solidcore said.

Here’s a list of some gyms and fitness centers in Philly requiring members to show proof of vaccination.

Vaccines required, masks optional:

  1. Unite Fitness, 26 S 20th St.

  2. Revel Ride, 1632 South St.

  3. Thrive Pilates & Yoga, 2016 Walnut St.

  4. Three Queens Yoga, Queen Village

  5. Burning Spirits Muay Thai, 2011 Amber St.

  6. Barry’s Bootcamp, 1911 Sansom St.

  7. 8 Limbs Academy Muay Thai, 5111 Chancellor St.

  8. Fearless Athletics, 126 Race St. & 744 S 11th St.

  9. City Fitness, multiple locations

    1. City Fitness asked the city for a 30-day transition period, which is under formal review, it said in an email to members. If approved, unvaccinated members would have 30 days to provide proof of vaccination, and during that transition period, they may still use the facility but must wear a mask. Members who fail to provide proof of vaccination after that will not be permitted entry.

  10. Fitness Works, 714 Reed St.

    1. Members who show proof of vaccination don’t have to wear a mask. Those who don’t are required to wear one, but can still workout.

  11. Soul Cycle, 113 S 16th St.

    1. Unvaccinated members can request a medical or religious exemption by providing a doctor’s note or written attestation, respectively. Riders who are granted an exemption would then be required to wear a mask.

  12. RippedPHL, 1519 Walnut St.

  13. Barre3, 1500 Sansom St.

  14. Focus Barre and Yoga, 1923 Chestnut St.

  15. Philly Dance Fitness, multiple locations

  16. Anytime Fitness, 1640 Fairmount Ave.

    1. Members at the Fairmount gym who show proof of vaccination don’t have to wear a mask. Members who do not may use the facility for the next 60 days, but must wear a mask. After the 60-day grace period, all members must be vaccinated.

This list will be updated. See a gym or fitness center that’s missing? Email its policy to