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Where to eat and drink at Lincoln Financial Field

From local favorites to new spots and vegetarian options, here are some of the best places to eat and drink during game day.

Cheesesteaks, fried chicken sandwiches, and even pierogies are among the food offerings at the Linc.
Cheesesteaks, fried chicken sandwiches, and even pierogies are among the food offerings at the Linc.Read moreDAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer

Fans who frequent Lincoln Financial Field know that they can easily get a good meal and cold drink while watching the Eagles play. Throughout the huge stadium, there are many places for good food, including some city staples (Chickie’s & Pete’s, Tony Luke’s) that have gained a fanbase that’s as strong as the Eagles’ own.

Beyond the staples that have been feeding fans for generations, some new places have been added to the food roster since the 2019 season (the last time the stadium was fully open to the public), giving even more variety to your game-day eats.

A drink and a full stomach certainly helps Eagles fans fuel up for the game and feel ready to cheer on the team no matter who the Eagles are playing.

From local favorites to new spots and vegetarian options, here are some of the best places to eat and drink at Lincoln Financial Field.

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Chickie’s & Pete’s

21 locations in sections throughout the stadium

The most prevalent food option inside the Linc is Chickie’s & Pete’s, which has 21 locations inside the football stadium — take 20 steps and you’re bound to run into one. When Eagles fans were asked what appeals about Chickie’s & Pete’s, the crab fries (crinkle-cut fries that have a secret crabby spice that gives them a kick like a Jake Elliott field goal), which come served with a white creamy cheese sauce, were the most popular answer.

📍1 Lincoln Financial Field Way, multiple locations, 🌐

Section 108

A Best Buy employee once went viral on social media when he explained the difference between sauce and juice with a now almost-famous line “the juice is temporary, but the sauce is forever.” While he was referring to fashion, the sauce at Love & Honey Fried Chicken is certainly forever and is the game-changer at this new food stand at the Linc. Pre-sauce, the chicken tenders don’t look much different from the other offerings at the stadium, but the preparation is unique. Tenders are fresh and brined for eight hours before being hand-dredged prior to frying. And once you dip or drizzle the sauce (which comes in honey and hot honey variations) on the tenders, the meal pops.

📍1 Lincoln Financial Field Way, Section 108, 🌐

Section 112

South Philly cheesesteak staple Tony Luke’s is one of the most popular cheesesteak spots in the city, and is a solid option at the Linc, too. Lines at Tony Luke’s fill up fast and it’s the one place that even has long lines during preseason games.

📍1 Lincoln Financial Field Way, Section 112, 🌐, 📞 215-339-6700

Headhouse Plaza

Fill up on McNally’s Tavern most famous sandwich, the Schmitter, during home games at the Linc. The sandwich is the tavern’s take on a cheesesteak — it’s a combination of steak, cheese, onions, salami, and a specialty dressing.

📍1 Lincoln Financial Field Way, Headhouse Plaza, 🌐

Section 125

A warm and tasty pierogi is great for the fall months of the football season — and as of this season, the Linc now has a pierogi food stand where you can order from a wide menu of sweet or savory options. In other words, this can be your main dish with a cold beer or a dessert after eating chicken tenders.

📍1 Lincoln Financial Field Way, Section 125, 🌐

Phillip’s Steaks

Section 101

Much like within the city itself, the cheesesteak competition at the Linc is fierce, and Phillip’s is the newest cheesesteak at the stadium. It’s worth noting that it’s the official cheesesteak of the Philadelphia Union.

📍1020 Pattison Ave., Section 101

Section 132

Philly’s first Black-owned brewery now has an outpost at Lincoln Financial Field, giving fans a new place to visit for drinks this season. The brewery is run by two brothers who are passionate about the brewing industry and serve their first two beers — Nubian, a brown ale and Prolific, a hazy IPA at Eagles games.

📍1 Lincoln Financial Field Way, Section 132, 🌐

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Section 114

Fuku, which has been at Lincoln Financial Field for a few Eagles seasons, is the spot for New York chef David Chang’s (of Momofuku fame) fried chicken sandwiches. There are three all-white-meat sandwiches available, all of which come served on a chewy Matin’s potato roll. The spicy fried chicken sandwich, which comes doused in spicy mayo, is the newest menu item and is the standout.

📍1 Lincoln Financial Field Way, Section 114, 🌐

Vegetarian and gluten-free options

Sections 114-126

Between sections 114 and 126, there are four concession stands that are ideal for those looking for vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free food options. Here, find gluten-free chicken fingers and hot dogs, plus veggie burgers and other plant-based food. Fun fact: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, commonly known as PETA, voted Lincoln Financial Field as the fourth-best vegan-friendly football stadium.

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