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NFL picks Week 3: Vegas Vic has had his fill of picking the Eagles

He even called Carson Wentz a "statue in the Eagles backfield." Now, that's cold.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) working in the pocket against the Seahawks on Sept. 13. This game against the Bears is this week's best bet by Vegas Vic.
Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) working in the pocket against the Seahawks on Sept. 13. This game against the Bears is this week's best bet by Vegas Vic.Read moreJohn Bazemore / AP

And you thought you were down on the 0-2 Eagles.

Vegas Vic and our staff writers don’t have much hope that the Birds will turn things around on Sunday against the likewise 0-2 Bengals, Only two of our seven prognosticators picked the Eagles to win. Ouch.

Here is how VV sees this week’s games, with our writers making their picks, too.

EAGLES (5.5) Bengals (46.5), 1 p.m. (CBS3)

You never want to just base a pick on a trend no matter how delicious that trend looks. But after doing the required research, we found out that the Bengals come to the Linc with a 9-0 spread against the Birds. And that was without the ATM we call Joe Burrow. His Cincy team is 0-2. But depending on where you shop, 2-0 against the spot. Throw in a 10-3-2 spread record last season at LSU, with a superb 7-0-1 cover log on the road, and you can see why we keep hitting the Burreaux ATM. He was 37-of-61 against the Browns for 316 yards, with 3 TDs and 0 INTs. Kind of feel bad for the Eagles and all the injuries, but Carson Wentz just seems a little lost. Maybe the sputtering Green Machine can squeeze out a win. But since they have covered only one of the last six at home, we’ve got to buy the dog, or the visiting Bengal Tiger. — Vegas Vic

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Bengals

Les Bowen: Bengals

Paul Domowitch: Eagles

Marcus Hayes: Bengals

Jeff McLane: Eagles

EJ Smith: Bengals

Vegas Vic: Bengals

PATRIOTS (6) Raiders (47.5), 1 p.m.

“Slam” Newton, Jon Gruden’s nickname for Cam, is off to an amazing start with New England. He has completed 71% of his passes, which is fabulous. But Derek Carr (73%) is even better out in Vegas. Carr has an enormous chip on his shoulder. Why? The Raiders brought in Marcus Mariota, and the chatter was Double M would replace Carr. Mariota is on injured reserve, while Carr has hit 50-of-68 for 523 yards, 4 TDs and 0 INTs. Going to bet on the big chip.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Patriots

Les Bowen: Raiders

Paul Domowitch: Raiders

Marcus Hayes: Raiders

Jeff McLane: Patriots

EJ Smith: Patriots

Vegas Vic: Raiders

BILLS (2.5) Rams (47), 1 p.m.

Buffalo QB Josh Allen leads the NFL is passing yardage with 729, and that should be good enough to squeeze out a W.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Bills

Les Bowen: Rams

Paul Domowitch: Rams

Marcus Hayes: Rams

Jeff McLane: Bills

EJ Smith: Bills

Vegas Vic: Bills

STEELERS (4) Texans (45), 1 p.m.

If you like trends, note that Houston is a moneymaking 8-1 after a double-digit loss at home.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Texans

Les Bowen: Steelers

Paul Domowitch: Texans

Marcus Hayes: Steelers

Jeff McLane: Texans

EJ Smith: Steelers

Vegas Vic: Texans

49ers (4.5) GIANTS (41.5), 1 p.m. (Fox29)

Sure no Saquon Barkley. But for San Fran, Nick Bosa is gone, Solomon Thomas is gone, and Jimmy Garoppolo is questionable.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Giants

Les Bowen: 49ers

Paul Domowitch: 49ers

Marcus Hayes: Giants

Jeff McLane: 49ers

EJ Smith: 49ers

Vegas Vic: Giants

Titans (2.5) VIKINGS (48.5), 1 p.m.

Tennessee has covered five of the last six as a favorite, and Ryan Tannehill over Captain Kirk should be a breeze.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Vikings

Les Bowen: Titans (Best Bet)

Paul Domowitch: Titans

Marcus Hayes: Vikings

Jeff McLane: Vikings (Best Bet)

EJ Smith: Titans

Vegas Vic: Titans

BROWNS (7) Washington (44.5), 1 p.m.

Looks like Baker Mayfield is learning how to manage a game. And that ain’t a bad thing. The Baker was 16-of-23 last week for 219 yards, but most of the offensive noise came from RBs Nick Chubb (124 yards) and Kareem Hunt (86), who combined for 210 yards. Makes life much easier for the Baker. And if you just saw a stat about Washington leading the league with 11 QB sacks, eight came against the statue in the Eagles backfield, Carson Wentz.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Washington

Les Bowen: Washington

Paul Domowitch: Browns

Marcus Hayes: Browns

Jeff McLane: Browns

EJ Smith: Washington

Vegas Vic: Browns

FALCONS (3.5) Bears (47.5), 1 p.m.

Yea, Mitchell Trubisky was all that in the opener against the Lions, completing 20-of-36 for 242 yards and 3 TDs, with no INTs. But then Mitchell turned back into Mitch against the New York Giants last week, completing 18-of-28 for just 198 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs. Heard that some of the Bears are calling Trubisky ‘Money-makin Mitch.’ Guess that they have not looked at the spread logs, where there were only two covers in the last nine games (22%). Now turn to Matt Ryan, and we’re talking magnificent. Matty Ice has thrown for 731 yards with 6 TDs and just 1 INT, and owns a gorgeous 109.6 rating. And if you’re wondering about Chicago’s 2-0 vs. Atlanta’s 0-2, let me tell you that the 2-0 came against the Giants and Lions, two of the worst, while the 0-2 came against the Seahawks and Cowboys, two of the best. Easy money, and that’s why there’s only one thing left to say, this Is my best bet.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Falcons

Les Bowen: Falcons

Paul Domowitch: Bears (Best Bet)

Marcus Hayes: Falcons

Jeff McLane: Bears

EJ Smith: Falcons

Vegas Vic: Falcons (Best Bet)

COLTS (10.5) Jets (44), 4:05 p.m.

Old Man Rivers still has some get up and go, while the New Yorkers have covered only one of the last eight on the road.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Colts

Les Bowen: Colts

Paul Domowitch: Colts

Marcus Hayes: Colts

Jeff McLane: Jets

EJ Smith: Colts

Vegas Vic: Colts

CHARGERS (6.5) Panthers (43.5), 4:05 p.m.

Just two words that matter: Christian McCaffrey. Run CMC is responsible for only 80% of Carolina’s TDs so far this season. No Christian, so they’ll turn to Mike Davis. Who? Exactly my point.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Chargers

Les Bowen: Panthers

Paul Domowitch: Chargers

Marcus Hayes: Chargers

Jeff McLane: Panthers

EJ Smith: Panthers

Vegas Vic: Chargers

CARDINALS (5.5) Lions (55.5), 4:25 p.m.

Really love Detroit QB Matthew Stafford as a QB and a human but just not this week against Arizona. Before the season started, I threw out an over/under total wins play on the Cardinals, taking over 7.5. As the late Freddy Prinze used to say, “Looking good.” Detroit gets star receiver Kenny Golladay back, but it ain’t going to matter because this tame group of Lions have allowed a staggering 69 points in the first two games. Gimme some more Kyler!

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Cardinals

Les Bowen: Cardinals

Paul Domowitch: Cardinals

Marcus Hayes: Lions

Jeff McLane: Lions

EJ Smith: Cardinals

Vegas Vic: Cardinals

Buccaneers (6) BRONCOS (43.5), 4:25 p.m.

Speaking of old, Tom Brady over Denver backup QB Jeff Driskel sounds like a mismatch. Put me down for TB12.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Broncos

Les Bowen: Broncos

Paul Domowitch: Buccaneers

Marcus Hayes: Broncos

Jeff McLane: Broncos

EJ Smith: Buccaneers

Vegas Vic: Buccaneers

SEAHAWKS (4.5) Cowboys (55.5), 4:25 p.m. (Fox29)

Dallas knows how to score, putting up 57 points so far, while Seattle has allowed 55. Did anyone say “over?”

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Cowboys

Les Bowen: Seahawks

Paul Domowitch: Seahawks

Marcus Hayes: Seahawks

Jeff McLane: Seahawks

EJ Smith: Seahawks

Vegas Vic: Cowboys

SAINTS (3) Packers (52.5), 8:20 p.m. (NBC)

Just a five-year age difference, but Aaron Rodgers (36) looks way better than Drew Brees (41) at this point.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Packers (Best Bet)

Les Bowen: Packers

Paul Domowitch: Packers

Marcus Hayes: Packers (Best Bet)

Jeff McLane: Saints

EJ Smith: Packers

Vegas Vic: Packers


RAVENS (3.5) Chiefs (53.5), 8:15 p.m.

What a matchup. You ain’t going to see Patrick Mahomes as an underdog too often, maybe never again this season unless they have to fight Baltimore in the playoffs. Patrick has covered five of six as a dog (83%), so we’re buying.

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Ravens

Les Bowen: Ravens

Paul Domowitch: Chiefs

Marcus Hayes: Ravens

Jeff McLane: Ravens

EJ Smith: Ravens

Vegas Vic: Chiefs


JAGUARS (3) Dolphins (47.5)

Staff picks:

Ed Barkowitz: Dolphins

Les Bowen: Jaguars

Paul Domowitch: Dolphins

Marcus Hayes: Jaguars

Jeff McLane: Jaguars

EJ Smith: Jaguars

Vegas Vic: Jaguars


Entering Week 3/Best bets in parentheses

1. Les Bowen (2-0), 19-13, .594

t2. EJ Smith (0-2), 19-13, .594

t2. Vegas Vic (0-2), 19-13, .594

4. Marcus Hayes (1-1), 17-15, .531

5. Jeff McLane (2-0), 15-17, .469

6. Paul Domowitch (1-1), 15-17, .469

7. Ed Barkowitz (0-2), 15-17, .469

Last week

EJ Smith 12-4, 0-1 BB

Les Bowen 11-5, 1-0

Jeff McLane 9-7, 1-0

Vegas Vic 9-7, 0-1

Marcus Hayes 8-8, 1-0

Paul Domowitch 7-9, 1-0

Ed Barkowitz 7-9, 0-1

Picking Eagles’ games

Ed Barkowitz 2-0, Marcus Hayes 2-0, Les Bowen 1-1, Paul Domowitch 1-1, EJ Smith 1-1, Jeff McLane 0-2, Vegas Vic 0-2.