The Eagles were put in a familiar situation against the Seattle Seahawks, but it wasn’t one the team or fans wanted to see. The Eagles had to turn to their backup quarterback in another playoff game. This time it didn’t work.

“A lot of people put a lot of time and and energy into this game,” said Josh McCown, who played most of the game after Carson Wentz was injured. “It hurts when you didn’t get it done.”

Here are some of coach Doug Pederson and McCown’s most notable quotes from their postgame news conferences.

On Carson Wentz’s injury

Pederson: “I feel for him. I feel bad for him. I wanted this for him and a lot of his teammates did, too. He’s battled through a lot."

On Jadeveon Clowney’s hit on Carson Wentz

Pederson: “I didn’t see it. I didn’t see anything. I was looking to call the next play.”

On the decision to not kick a field goal in the fourth quarter

Pederson: “I was trying to maintain the aggressiveness, get the first down and stay on the field and score.”

On the offense’s performance

Pederson: “We moved the ball. We just stalled in the red zone.”

McCown: “I felt good. Doug’s always excellent in the headset.”

On the officiating

Pederson: “I’m worried about coaching the team and trying to win the game.”

On the fourth-down incompletion to Miles Sanders

McCown: “I have to give him a better ball. We nailed the protection call. [I] just didn’t get the ball on him. That’s on me,”

On the Eagles’ season

Pederson: “I really appreciate everyone in that room for how they handled this season. It’s remarkable for me to see how our guys battled to be within a score. [It] shows the resiliency of this team.”

McCown: “I’ve chased this my whole career. This year’s been nothing short of special for me. Just thankful to be a part of it.”