Former Phillie Lenny Dykstra has called off a planned boxing match against viral figure Chris Morgan, otherwise known as the “Bagel Boss Guy,” that was scheduled to take place this weekend in Atlantic City. But as Celebrity Boxing organizer Damon Feldman told the Inquirer, Morgan is still ready to box, and a search for another opponent is on.

Dykstra, 56, discussed his decision to back out of the fight this morning in a call-in appearance on the Howard Stern Show, saying that the “fight will not happen.” According to the New York Post, Dykstra’s attorney, John Pierce, issued a statement indicating that the former MLB slugger will withdraw from the fight “so that he can focus properly on preparing” for an upcoming trial in connection with a legal malpractice suit.

“The fight will not be rescheduled,” Pierce’s statement read.

Dykstra has filed a lawsuit against a Los Angeles-area law firm alleging negligence in a previous lawsuit he had filed against LA County in which he claimed he was severely beaten by deputies at Los Angeles’ Men’s Central Jail during a 2012 sentence, TMZ reports. According to, the suit alleges that Boucher LLP, Dykstra’s representation in the earlier suit, bungled the case.

“I have discussed with Lenny the grave seriousness that accompanies American civil jury trials,” Pierce’s statement read. “He is absolutely dedicated to approaching this trial with the same degree of focus that characterized his legendary career on the baseball diamond.”

Dykstra echoed that sentiment in his call to Stern on Monday.

“We’re playing for real money here, and seven years of my life has been involved,” Dykstra said. “Attorneys, when they don’t do their job and are negligent, they have to be held accountable.”

Despite Dykstra having pulled out of the fight, organizers are still looking for an opponent for Morgan. Feldman said. Possible opponents include Dustin Diamond and Danny Bonaduce, who Feldman said he has already reached out to.

“We’re not going to let [Dykstra] do this,” Feldman said, indicating that a fight will still happen. He added that Celebrity Boxing had paid the former Phillie $15,000 in advance of the fight, and put him up in a hotel as part of the upcoming event.

Dykstra had been promoting the fight since last month, including with a press conference at Tony Luke’s in South Philly. Both Dykstra and Morgan, who became famous online for a meltdown at a New York City bagel joint, showed up for that appearance, which resulted in a brief brawl between the two, video from the event shows.

Previously, Dykstra reached out to Morgan, who complained of height bias on dating sites in the video that elevated him to viral fame, via Twitter. The former Phillie, who is 5’10”, told Morgan that he understood the “anger issues you have about being small” because he was “the smallest guy” in the MLB during his run. However, Dykstra later tweeted that his "relationship [with Morgan] has deteriorated,” prompting his agreement to the fight.

Dykstra’s decision to pull out of the matchup is the second high-profile departure from the Celebrity Boxing event. Last month, West Chester native Bam Margera pulled out as referee for the event following a return to rehab, and was released from his contract.