The Eagles’ first male cheerleader in more than three decades could be the next winner of American Idol.

Kyle Tanguay got a golden ticket to proceed to the Hollywood round of the program’s third season on ABC following a successful initial audition that aired on Sunday. Judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry voted Tanguay through thanks to his rendition of “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes.

Tanguay, 21, said during his segment that he has never taken professional singing lessons, but was inspired to appear on the program thanks to his success with the Eagles cheerleading squad. The group appeared alongside Tanguay during his audition, chanting “Kyle, Kyle, the next American Idol” ahead of his performance.

“That team is my family. They’re definitely my sisters, my ride-or-dies, and it’s nice to have that support,” Tanguay said.

Richie connected with Tanguay over his lack of singing lessons, noting that he was a shower singer himself before making it big with the Commodores. However, Richie said, Tanguay may have a long road ahead of him.

“You know you’ve got some stiff competition, but from one shower singer to another, it’s a ‘yes,’ ” Richie said.

A New Hampshire native, Tanguay came to Philadelphia in 2017 to study dance at the University of the Arts, the Inquirer reported last year. He made his debut with the Birds last season after making it through the cheerleading squad’s audition process.

That process, Tanguay told The Inquirer, was “like an actual show,” thanks to its multi-portion makeup that focused on fitness, dance, and onstage presence.

“This is a new idea for some people,” Tanguay said of being the first male Eagles cheerleader in 35 years. “But for others? Obviously not, especially in our social climate … The one thing that unites us all is the fact that we all love the Eagles.”

Tanguay is the second local to make it through to the Hollywood portion of American Idol’s third season on ABC. Last week, Narberth pizza delivery guy Louis Knight, 19, passed the first round of auditions with an original song written in tribute to a friend who died by suicide in 2018.