Given that Jim Gardner has been Channel 6′s primetime news anchor for more than half the history of the venerable station, which went on the air in 1947, it shouldn’t be surprising that he has experienced a moment of unexpected levity or two on camera during his remarkable career.

His tenure has far exceeded that of erstwhile local legends such as Channel 10′s John Facenda, Channel 3′s Vince Leonard, and Larry Kane, Gardner’s predecessor at WPVI.

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Gardner, who announced this week his plans to retire at the end of 2022, began his Channel 6 anchor stint when the late Mayor Frank L. Rizzo was the most controversial figure in town, and it is winding down as the Rizzo statue has become a hot source of controversy.

Since 1976, he has been the station’s voice and face for some of the biggest stories in the region’s history — from the Three Mile Island disaster, the MOVE bombing, and two papal visits, to a varied menu of weather disasters.

His calm demeanor has been a counterpoint to the sometimes frenetic pace of the Action News format, which debuted at Channel 6 in 1970, and propelled it to ratings dominance. Along with news, weather and sports, that no doubt has had something to do with the fact that Gardner and other Action News personalities found ways to entertain audiences — sometimes unintentionally.

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Even when things have gone awry, the normally staid Gardner has shown a keen talent for comedic timing.

Here are some lighter snippets from Gardner’s career.

A light-headed moment

News he could use.

Gardner finds it

Lose something, Cecily?

Gardner loses it

Sometimes you can’t go on.

Fighting words

Toe-to-toe with Ducis Rodgers.

‘Oops’ ...

When things go off the rails.