It may not have even premiered yet, but M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming, Philly-filmed Apple TV+ series Servant has already been renewed for a second season, Apple has confirmed.

Shyamalan initially revealed the series’ second season order in an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday. Servant will make its season one debut on Apple TV+ starting this Thursday, Nov. 28, when the show’s first three episodes will be made available on the streaming platform.

Created by writer Tony Basgallop and directed by Shyamalan, Servant is the Philly filmmaker’s latest psychological thriller, and his first television series-format show since since Wayward Pines debuted on Fox in 2015. Servant follows a Philadelphia couple who are mourning an “unspeakable tragedy” that “creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home,” according to a show description.

Earlier this month, the series’ first official trailer has fleshed that synopsis out some. As it turns out, local TV news anchor Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Philly chef Sean (Tony Kebbel) lost their newborn child, Jericho, at 13 weeks, and decided to use a lifelike doll to cope with the trauma. However, that coping mechanism ends up working a little too well, with Dorothy appearing to believe that the doll is really Jericho — enough that the pair hires a nanny, Leann (Nell Tiger Free), to look after it.

“More than anything it’s a couple that’s refusing to accept something that happened,” Shyamalan recently told the Inquirer of Servant. “They’re using their wealth and status as a shield. … It’s fractured underneath it all and they’re just barely holding together.”

Follow its debut this week, new episodes of Servant will be premiering on Apple TV+ each Friday into mid-January.