Philly TV news viewers may have caught a familiar face on the air over the weekend after a long absence, though not at the station on which she previously appeared.

Former NBC10 meteorologist Tammie Souza popped up on the CBS3 weekend weather forecast on Saturday, marking her first time on the air since early December. However, as Souza said via her social media accounts, CBS3 is “not where I’m going to be winding up.”

“I’m just filling in. This is not a permanent gig. They just needed some help because they’ve got vacation time,” Souza said in a video posted to her Facebook page Saturday. “I was very honored since I’m kind of sitting around taking a little bit of a break right now as I make plans for the future.”

Souza added that viewers can “catch me whenever they need somebody to help out for now,” but did not reveal any future appearances on the network. A CBS3 spokesperson indicated that Souza would be “filling in on some shifts over the next few months.”

Souza’s appearance on CBS3 comes more than a month after she ended her run at NBC10. She arrived at that station in March 2017, serving as a replacement for fellow former NBC10 meteorologist Sheena Parveen, who departed Philadelphia herself in October 2016. Prior to her run at NBC10, Souza, a Pittsburgh native, worked as a meteorologist at Chicago’s Fox 32.

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Despite her appearance on CBS3 over the weekend, Souza was adamant that the station was not a long-term home for her and that she was “just filling in.” Fans, however, said on social media that they were hoping for a permanent gig.