The slicers are spinning again at Cosmi’s Deli, the South Philadelphia sandwich mecca that shut down earlier this week because of a dispute between the landlord and a business partner of operator Mike Seccia.

Seccia would not specify the terms or elaborate on the dispute. The deli at Eighth and Dickinson Streets has returned to its usual schedule, effective Sept. 10.

Seccia announced Monday on Instagram that the shop was closed until further notice. The shutdown inspired a flurry of negotiations.

Seccia’s great-uncle, Cosmi Quattrone, founded Cosmi’s in 1932. Cosmi and Pauline Quattrone ran it till 1976, when Mike’s father, Leon, took it over. Mike — who added sandwiches to the menu — bought the business from his father in early 2007.

Through the pandemic, business has been fine, he said.

Cosmi’s fan base is wide, hitting high on many best-of lists, and includes Roots drummer Amir “Questlove” Thompson, who admitted to the Hollywood Reporter a few years ago that a stop at the deli was his guilty pleasure. (He’s into the honey-roasted turkey hoagie and jalapeno chips, followed by a package of Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets.)

Seccia acknowledged that he had financial difficulties several years ago (to wit, four kids in college) and took on a business partner, awarding him a majority interest. The partner and landlord did not return messages.