Denim BYOB’s recent advertisement mailed to more than 30,000 homes in the Haddonfield and Cherry Hill areas contained the predictable $10 off coupon on orders of $50 or more and an offering of discounts on holiday gift cards.

But tucked beneath it in a box were the words, “Hot servers wanted.”

It was a typo, according to chef-owner David Murray, who insisted on social media that the wording was not "some obscene publicity stunt” on the part of the Haddonfield restaurant. He wants holiday servers.

“This is a tough one,” he wrote on Instagram. "To all of our guests or the 30,000+ of you who received this coupon in the mail please allow us to offer our sincerest of apologies. The text box in the ad was supposed to say “holiday servers wanted” not “hot servers wanted.” Hopefully everyone gets a laugh out of this and understands that this was not some obscene publicity stunt... Just a silly error on my part as I approved the ad from my cell phone without looking carefully enough. #humbled #whoops #proofreading #sorry #lessonlearned #thanksforunderstanding

In October 2018, Murray opened Denim American Bistro in Cherry Hill on the former longtime site of La Campagne and more recently Farmhouse, where he had been chef.

Initially, Murray had planned to call the restaurant Blue Plate Bistro, but was told by a reporter during an interview shortly before opening that there was a restaurant called Blueplate in Mullica Hill, which coincidentally had just been damaged in a fire. Realizing the potential for confusion, Murray changed the name, trashing a logo, signage, and stationery in the process.

Murray moved the operation to Kings Highway in Haddonfield this summer, subtly changing the name to Denim BYOB.