Human Robot?

Turn to cofounder Jake Atkinson to explain the name of the new brewery and taproom at 1710 N. Fifth St. in West Kensington: “The ability to do older-generational beers — foundation beers — as well as newer ones, like the hazy boys and pastry stouts. It’s the evolution of where beer is going."

Atkinson, who was in beer sales and got into the brewing side with his friend Alex Bokulich with the gypsy brewery called The Futurist, is working on Human Robot with Chris Roller and Rachael Morris. They took over the defunct Saint Benjamin’s Brewing Co.

Brewer Andrew Foss, who was at Saint Benjamin’s, is now working on an 8bbl system tucked behind the spacious, brick-walled tasting room. Morris’ father, Ken Correll, who also coowns Memphis Taproom, is helping with management and — because he is a beer-drinker of a certain age — advice. He remembers the Anchor Steams and Sierra Nevadas.

“Brewers today who were doing it 20 years ago are a little dubious of the New England IPAs and the hazy beers and the adjunct things that are in stouts," Correll said. “We embrace both worlds.”

Expect eight beers on tap at the start, including regular IPAs, a double IPA, and an adjunct stout on the robot side, and, on the human side, a Czech pale lager, Czech Tmavý (darker lager) and a German-style pilsner, whose nitro-valve, side-pull tap system allows it to be poured slowly beneath the foam for a creamier taste.

Poe’s Sandwich Joint, which gave up its Fishtown location last year, is selling sandwiches out of a peephole off to the side of the tasting room. Specialties include the Hamilton, which has chicken cutlet, Cooper sharp cheese, fries, crumbled bacon, and ranch dressing on a Sarcone’s roll.

Hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.-ish daily but later on weekends.