The shuttered Johnny Rockets at the corner of 5th and South just got a new look: Meet Jawnny Ratchets, an installation by local street artist Kid Hazo aimed at promoting an upcoming gallery show.

The artist is known for his sign spoofing — in 2015, he transformed E. Passyunk’s iconic “King of Jeans” sign into a “Queen of Jeans” image that was more empowering for women. For this jawn, he re-imagined the retro diner’s ’50s-style logo to reflect a Philly-centric attitude.

Beneath the red cursive “Jawnny Ratchets” lettering is a Trump joke: “the original hamberder.” Along the side of the building, Kid Hazo posted signs reading “no chill” and “malt liquors” (as opposed to the chocolate and vanilla malts once served up there).

The installation, which went up Friday, is part of “Signs," an exhibit devoted to the history and culture of signage in Philadelphia. The show, which opens July 26 at Paradigm Gallery at 746 S. 4th St., features work by Kid Hazo, local graffiti legend Cornbread, and artists Drew Leshko and Marissa Cianciulli, who owns the sign painting and design shop Super Signs in South Philly.

An opening reception will be held at the gallery on July 26 from 5:30 to 10 p.m.