Sisters Marti and Pamela Lieberman, who started selling macaroni and cheese through a food truck and now at the brick-and-mortar store Mac Mart in Rittenhouse, will get their first shot at national sales stardom on QVC.

They’re due up with host David Venable at 10:15 p.m. Oct. 9 to offer Seven-Cheese MacaROLLi Crunch Rolls, which are egg rolls filled with mac-and-cheese. It’s Mac Mart’s first shipped product.

Marti Lieberman, who made her first batch of mac and cheese for her college graduation party, traded the fashion business for the food truck world in 2013.

Day One was rough, she recalled in an interview last year:

“We parked at 33rd and Arch, but not on the popular side. It was on a huge slant. I opened the window and right away when I put the aluminum tray of cheese on the steam table, it fell in. I couldn’t use that. I had to start a new one. A customer comes to the window. His name was Sam. I so remember him. And he ordered and he gave me a $20. And I looked at my mom who was, of course, taking pictures and so excited. She was like, 'Give him change.” And I was like, ‘Change?’ I had no idea what I was doing. And so my mom went in her wallet and gave him change. I closed, ran to the bank, got change and kind of pulled it together.”

They opened their shop at 104 S. 18th St. in spring 2016.

When asked to name the seven cheeses in the signature product, she won’t say. Either she is being coy or she Camembert.