Philadelphia female food entrepreneurs have banded together on a traveling marketplace called the Sisterly Love Citywide Food Fair.

It launches Sunday, Dec. 6, and will run weekends (noon to 2 p.m.) through Dec. 20, offering packaged, giftable items including baked goods, handmade pastas, ramen kits, and condiments by such restaurants and companies as Baology, Bridget Foy’s, Cry Baby Pasta, El Merkury, Essen Bakery, Feel Goodies Philly, High Street Philly, Jet Wine Bar and Rex 1516, Jezabel’s Argentine Cafe, Machine Shop Boulangerie, Neighborhood Ramen, River Twice, Southwark Restaurant/Olly/Gigi Pizza, Triple Bottom Brewing, 33rd Street Hospitality Group, Vernick, and Zazou Teas.

The fair was supposed to start Saturday, Dec. 5, but was moved to Sunday because of the weather forecast.

The schedule is as follows:

Dec 6: (135 S. 18th St.), hosted by Ellen Yin. Among vendors will be, High Street, Fiore, Jezabel Cafe, El Merkury, Vernick, HipCityVeg, Bridget Foy’s, and Cry Baby.

Dec. 6: River Twice (1601 E. Passyunk Ave.), hosted by Amanda Rucker. Among vendors will be June BYOB, Saté Kampar, Essen Bakery, Triple Bottom, River Twice, and decor and jewelry from Utopia Collective.

Dec. 12: Jezabel’s Argentine Cafe (206-208 S. 45th St.), hosted by Jezabel Careaga.

Dec. 13: Triple Bottom Brewing (915 Spring Garden St.), hosted by Tess Hart.

Dec. 19: Jet Wine Bar (1525 South St.), hosted by Jill Weber.

Dec. 20: Bridget Foy’s (200 South St.), hosted by Bridget Foy.