Chinatown will be losing one of its hidden treasures after Sunday, Jan. 19, as Tasty Place closes, along with Asian Supermarket, after nearly three decades at 11th and Race Streets.

Word began spreading last week that the end was near for the so-called Chinatown Mall, including Tasty Place (143 N. 11th St.), known for Hong Kong-style cooking enjoyed by locals in a Spartan atmosphere down a flight of steps.

Inquirer critic Craig LaBan in a 2012 review wrote that Tasty Place’s juicy salt-and-pepper wings “are so good, marinated for a day in ginger and scallions, then wok-fried inside a cornstarch crust that crackles with edges that grab chile rings and salt, they’re likely to soon become the object of wing-o-phile pilgrimages to the underworld.”

LaBan was praising the wok work of founding chef Simon Sei, who sold it a few years ago. The current owner, Chin Hui Kan and his family, could not be reached directly. Neighboring merchants say the space, including the market, will be renovated extensively.

“Tasty Place was chef Simon,” said Jayson Choi, a customer and a local funeral director. It is not clear if Tasty Place would be revived.

The market’s remaining merchandise is being offered for 30% off through Sunday.

Bare shelves at Asia Supermarket.
Bare shelves at Asia Supermarket.