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How do I sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine? The answer is one many of us are eager to learn.

The answer: it depends where you live.

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and New Jersey all have different schedules for who is eligible to get the vaccine and when. New Jersey has a statewide site where you can preregister to find out when you’re eligible. Pennsylvania does not. But in both states, several counties have set up their own preregistering sites. It’s a lot to have to navigate.

Pick your state and county below for a little help with the confusion. We’ve compiled a list of places to register, including state and county preregistration sites, along with phone numbers and processes to help you find what’s happening near you. We’ve listed the counties near Philadelphia. In Pennsylvania, that means Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties. In New Jersey, we’ve got Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester.

You can also browse providers by map, below.

Some general advice:

  1. Watch when your group becomes eligible. That can be by preregistering or keeping an eye on the news for announcements.

  2. Sign up for any preregistering sites available where you are. That can mean, in some cases, preregistering with your state and county.

  3. You are not required to get the vaccine in the county where you live.

  4. Note: Preregistering doesn’t sign you up for an appointment. You will have to find a provider and book a spot when it’s your group’s turn.

  5. This process is messy. Beyond the various rules, the number of vaccines (and therefore appointments) available is going to be limited, and like it or not, patience is going to be required.

  6. Help out people in your community who need it. Some of the process is confusing, or online only, or both. If you have older relatives or friends, or know those with limited English, they may need your help signing up.

You can also find vaccine providers on this map, which has all registered vaccination sites in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties, as well as Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties in New Jersey.