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More than a dozen pollutants lurk in the ground and water beneath South Philly refinery site targeted for redevelopment

A tongue-tripping compendium of chemicals has contaminated every section of the sprawling 1,400-acre refinery during operations that stretched back more than a century, according to a review of documents filed for a site cleanup plan.

A breakdown of chemical contaminants found at the refinery

The refinery in South Philadelphia was broken down into 11 areas of interest for cleanup plans by Sunoco and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The following is a summary of the contamination.

At 700 pounds, black bear killed in New Jersey sets world record, says national hunting group

The bear’s size didn’t surprise at least one hunting advocate who said the high weight is the result of state restrictions on hunting that allow bears to multiply and get dangerously big.

Philly spends $48 million a year to clean up litter, Pa. report finds

That is eightfold more than he next closest Pennsylvania city, Pittsburgh, which spends $6 million, according to a new statewide study.

Pa. among states suing EPA, saying it wants to gut safeguards on accidents like Philly refinery fire

Pennsylvania and other states sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over a new rule they say guts "safeguards that prevent or limit harm” from accidents similar to an explosion and fire at a South Philly refinery last year.

Climate change could shrink more than half of all wine regions. What will it mean for Pa., N.J. wineries?

Regions of the world world suitable for growing the most common wine grapes could shrink more than half, according to a new study. Although the study did not look specifically at Pennsylvania or New Jersey, it suggests both would be impacted severely. But there are steps growers can take.

Spotted lanternfly could cost Pennsylvania $324 million a year, Penn State study finds

Researchers at Penn State says the state's spotted lanternfly infestation could drain $324 million from the economy and 2,800 jobs because of the fecund pests' voracious hunger for trees and valuable crops.

Gas leak at Delaware County nursing home quickly shut down

A gas leak was reported Sunday evening at nursing home in Prospect Park, Delaware County.

With $5,000 rebate and tax exemption, New Jersey poised to become electric vehicle leader

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is set to sign sweeping legislation Friday that environmental groups say could propel the state into national leadership on electric vehicle sales, with a new $5,000 rebate, combined with an existing sales tax exemption, expected to entice consumers in a big way.

Potential changes to Lehigh River dam are meant to protect Philly’s drinking water, but Poconos businesses aren’t happy about it

The Army Corps of Engineers is looking at how the dam could manage water flows to control the point at which salt creeps up the Delaware River. Keeping that salt line in place is vital to protecting Philadelphia’s drinking water.