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Could dream of converting Philly refinery into renewable energy facility turn into reality?

Closing the largest refinery on the East Coast brings up a tantalizing prospect: Convert it to a renewable energy facility. But, in reality, the hurdles would be steep for years to come.

Philadelphia refinery that caught fire is city’s biggest single polluter

Federal data show the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery, which processes 335,000 barrels of crude oil a day, was already the city’s biggest polluter, even before the fire sent plumes of black smoke into the air.

Officials say air tests from refinery fire showed no immediate danger. EPA data show company has past high-priority violations.

"Preliminary testing both at the site of the refinery and in the adjacent community has shown no ambient carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons (combustibles), or hydrogen sulfide,” the health department said a statement.

Philly Council introduces single-use plastic bag ban and 15-cent fee on other bags

That means you won’t be able to get a plastic bag to hold your goods at ShopRite, Wawa or Macy’s without paying extra for it. The money collected from the fee would go to the merchant, not the city.

Philadelphia to launch city-wide composting network of up to 25 sites

Philadelphia plans to create a city-wide network of up to 25 food waste composting sites.

Flesh-eating bacteria cases increase and Cooper researchers believe climate change is behind it

Climate change may have brought flesh-eating infection to previously unaffected New Jersey bayshore.

Two more Philly playgrounds closed for lead contamination, bringing number to 3 this month

The news comes after officials closed athletic fields at a Point Breeze playground just last week, after elevated levels of lead were found in the soil.

Six Flags Great Adventure rides now powered completely by solar energy

Six Flags Great Adventure unveiled a 23.5-megawatt solar project that will power almost all of the park's rides by the sun.

Philadelphia to pay $8.4 million toward cleanup of long-contaminated Superfund site

The landfill straddles Darby Creek near 84th Street and Lindbergh Boulevard and was an unlicensed dump for commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal waste starting in the early 1950s.

Water department announces its new spokesdog

Dolphina, a recently adopted five-year-old pit-mix, is the Philadelphia Water Department's new 'spokesdog' for efforts to guard local waterways against the threat of pet waste poop.